Covid 19 Vaccine: Bill shows confidence in India, says – India leads in vaccine production

new Delhi: The whole world is busy making Corona vaccine these days. Meanwhile, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has said that India is a leading vaccine producer in the world. In such a situation, we need India’s cooperation to make Corona vaccine. While giving an interview to a news channel, Bill Gates said that I am sure that many vaccines will be in the final stages in the first three months of next year. Also Read – After LAC, China now gets to the UN, India defeats these countries and took membership of ECOSOC

He said that India’s vaccine production will be in large quantities, it is more likely. He said that during this time the whole world is looking towards India. India is ahead in all developing countries. In such a situation, the eyes of the world are dependent on India from that capacity. Let me tell you that even before this Bill Gates has trusted India many times about the production of Corona vaccine. He has said many times in the past that India has the ability to make vaccines in large quantities. Also Read – When will the corona vaccine arrive in India? Health Minister said – date is not known but ….

He said that India can supply the vaccine demand not only for its domestic uses but also in the whole world. Let us tell you that the trial of the vaccine being made by the University of Oxford and the company AstraZeneca has been resumed. The vaccine of this company will be produced in India only. Oxford has joined hands with Serum Institute Pune for this. Also Read – Space X CEO Elon Musk targets Bill Gates – he doesn’t understand ‘electric truck’

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