Covid-19 Vaccine News Update: Government will buy 50 lakh doses in first batch, first of all they will be injected

Covid-19 Vaccine News Update: Expectation of vaccine against Corona virus has increased considerably now. In such a situation, the central government has also started preparing to buy the vaccine. The central government is about to order the first batch of 50 lakh doses, which will be first imposed to the people decided by the government. Also Read – OMG! School was opening daily here, children were studying in class, government shocked, these orders …

According to a Times of India report, once the vaccine has been successful in the trial and has met the regulatory requirements, its use is under discussion. There is talk about making this regulation at the top level within the government. This includes the supply chain and distribution of the vaccine. Also Read – Lockdown News Update: Two days lockdown, trains and flights are also affected in West Bengal

It has been agreed at the top level of the government that the vaccine will be made available to the front-level workers and the most at-risk workers. In this, apart from army soldiers and people who are at the forefront of the war against Corona, some other types of people will be chosen. Also Read – Sero Survey Result: Results of sero testing, corona antibodies found in 29.1% people of Delhi

By the way, the intention of the government is to produce the vaccine on a large scale, so that there is no atmosphere of chaos. According to the newspaper report, the local vaccine manufacturers are also demanding from the government that they should be provided a fixed market, so that more than one batch of vaccines can be produced at a time.

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