Covid 19 Vaccine: Russia needs help in production of Sputnik vaccine, seeks help from India

new Delhi: The Russian government has sought India’s help in the manufacture of the Sputnik-5 vaccine. Along with this, Russia has also called for help from India in the Phase III trial of the vaccine. A top official gave this information on Tuesday. Russia has released the first batch of Corona vaccine ‘Sputnik-5’ to its citizens. The vaccine has been developed by the Gamalaya National Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which was registered on 11 August. Also Read – Covid 19 Update: Horror figures of corona come back, more than 89 thousand infected, thousands died

NITI Aayog member Dr. V.K. Paul said that the government’s eyes are on the Russian vaccine. Paul said, “A vaccine made by Russia is under consideration. The Russian government approached the government and asked for help on two things. First- to build the vaccine on a large scale with the help of network companies of the country. Second – Phase 3 trial of vaccine in India. ” Also Read – Corona cases doubled in Rajdhani, now Arvind Kejriwal will call Delhiites

Dr. Paul said, “The Government of India attaches great importance to this proposal of partnership with our special friend.” Describing it as a win-win situation for India, Paul said, “India can manufacture a large and significant amount of the vaccine that is good for Russia and India, and a specific portion of that quantity can also be provided to the other world.” Can. ” The NITI Aayog member said, “We are working in partnership with this vaccine candidate to build a spirit of science and humanity for the manufacturing ring, trial and regulatory process.” Also Read – Russia hopes, will resolve border dispute through India-China dialogue

He told that for this, outreach has been extended to many companies in India and four of them have already come forward. Paul said that other people are discussing with their Russian counterpart and the government is facilitating the process of how the connection can be made.

Please tell that there is already a trial of three vaccines in India. In these, the registration of people for the phase two trial of Bharat Biotech has started from Tuesday. While the phase-two trial of Cadila-Zydus is already underway. The third vaccine is from Oxford University, which is going to make the Serum Institute in India. The trial of its third phase will start next month at 17 places, in which 1600 people will be given the vaccine. This vaccine is already undergoing trials on thousands of people in the US and Brazil.

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