Covid Vaccine Updates: Good news from India Biotech regarding Corona vaccine ‘Covaxin’ ….

Covid Vaccine Update: Corona continues to wreak havoc in the country. In India, the number of corona infected has reached nearly 45 lakhs, while more than 76 thousand people have died so far. Research is going on worldwide on the vaccine of Covid-19. Russia has even claimed to have made the vaccine. In India too, three vaccines are in the trial phase. Meanwhile, a good news related to the development of Bharat Biotech in the country, corona vaccine ‘Covaxin’ is coming out. Bharat Biotech has announced that the animal trial of Covaxin has been successful. According to a news portal news, ‘it was claimed that the results demonstrated the protective efficacy of the vaccine in the live viral challenge model.’ Also Read – What is Plasma Therapy effective in the treatment of Corona virus? Know what the latest survey of ICMR says

Along with this, it was also announced by tweeting on behalf of Bharat Biotech. Hyderabad-based firm Bharat Biotech tweeted, ‘Bharat Biotech proudly announces COVAXIN’s Animal Study Results. These results demonstrate protective efficacy in a live viral challenge model. ‘Explain that India, along with Biotech ICMR, is making COVAXIN the corona vaccine.

Explain that Bharat Biotech is currently conducting phase I / II clinical trials of Covaxin on 1,125 patients in 12 hospitals across the country. This includes All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi and Patna (AIIMS), King George Hospital in Visakhapatnam, Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences at Hyderabad. Along with this, its trial is going on in the PGI of Rohtak.

This good news from Bharat Biotech came just after the news that the American company AstraZeneca stopped the last stage trial of its Coronavirus Vaccine. Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca decided to stop the vaccine trial after a volunteer involved in a human trial fell ill. According to the WHO, it was leading in comparison to other vaccine trials in the world. Many countries, including India, are eyeing this vaccine of Oxford.