Cps Is Looking Into Teen Mom Jenelle Evans As Well As Her Boyfriend David Eason After Her 14-Year-Old Son Jace Goes Missing For The Third Time


Cps Is Looking Into Teen Mom Jenelle Evans As Well As Her Boyfriend David Eason After Her 14-Year-Old Son Jace Goes Missing For The Third Time:

A source stated that Jenelle and David are being investigated by North Carolina’s Child Protective Services because her 14-year-old son ran away from home on September 28.

Sources in law enforcement say that they received a call to the home of the “Teen Mom” star around 8 p.m. on Thursday regarding the missing teen. Jenelle told the police that Jace sneaked out of the house through a window as well as wasn’t carrying a cell phone alongside him.

In the last two months, three times have been made about Jace being lost. Jenelle’s son was last seen leaving their home via a window on Thursday, September 28. On that day, she reported him missing.

The Police Jace Said That His Stepfather Hit Him And That He Was “Hiding” From Him:

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup got a copy of the police report on Monday morning. In it, Barbara said that Jace said his stepdad hit him and that he was “hiding” from him. The police report said, “Made contact with Barbara, who said she wasn’t at the house.”

“She said that she had talked to him earlier that night when he called her from a number that was unidentified as well as told her that David Eason had attacked him and that he had run away and was hiding.” Jace was discovered on Friday, and it was said that he was taken to the hospital.

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In more tweets she posted on Monday, Jenelle said that Barbara, who was Jace’s guardian before Jenelle got control of him in March, hasn’t “tried speaking or visiting” her kids since July.

In The Past Few Weeks, Jenelle Is Also Said To Have Tried To Get An Order Of Protection Against Barbara:

Jenelle is also said to have tried to get a protection order against Barbara within the past few weeks, yet her request was rejected. “I’ve had enough of my mom’s lies. “My kids are under my care,” she wrote on Twitter.

“To be honest, I have no idea why my own mother behaves the way she is. I think she is making a fake report to the police to try to make us look terrible to be a family. There are many people involved in this, and they all know the truth, just as God does,” she wrote.

The last time Jace was reported missing was at the end of August, after he had left the house. A source says Jenelle called the police when the teen left to roam the large property and didn’t come back.

In The Middle Of August, Jace Ran Away From School After Getting Angry With A Teacher:

The Teen Mom star’s manager, August Keen, informed the outlet at the time that Jenelle was worried regarding her son shortly after not hearing from him for a period of time. The police got involved shortly after they found him. Regarding ten minutes from home, Jace was discovered at a gas station.

Before that, Jace ran away from school in the middle of August after getting into a fight alongside a teacher, as per a report provided by the Sheriff. The kid rushed away from school after getting into a fight alongside his teacher over what happened, The U.S. Sun said.

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The police report says that Jace walked away from school and into the woods before search dogs had been sent out. Authorities found Jace safe and sound around 5:45 p.m., roughly three hours shortly after he went missing for the first time.

This Isn’t The First Time Jenelle Has Claimed That Her Husband Has Something To Do With Her Son Going Missing:

At that moment, the former Teen Mom star said, “This is just a teenager acting like a teenager because we took away his phone.” The former TV star’s ex-husband, Andrew Lewis, hasn’t seen his son Jace since he was a baby.

This isn’t the first time Jenelle has said that her husband has nothing to do with her son going missing. The first time Jace ran away, in August, she told a source via a statement from her manager, August Keen, that it had “absolutely nothing to do with my situation alongside Eason; we don’t argue or fight in front of our kids.”

Jenelle Reported Jace Disappearing Again After He Went Missing While He Was On Their Property:

Jenelle claimed Jace missing for the second time two weeks later after he went missing while on their land. After a few hours, he was found at a gas stop near their North Carolina home.

Jenelle and Eason’s relationship has gone through many ups and downs over the years. Jenelle called 911 in 2018 and said that Eason broke her collarbone, yet she failed to file a police report. One year later, they briefly lost control of their kids after Eason fatally shot their dog for biting their youngest across the cheek.

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