Create a skin for Xbox Series X similar to the original


Nostalgia, that feeling that makes us look at our old games and consoles as more than just devices and stored drives. Nostalgia sells a lot, be it making us sit down to watch Futurama, or making skins for consoles, which is also something that everyone likes. Next, we show you the cute work they have done with Xbox Series X to make it look like the Original Xbox:

My OG themed Series X skin from r/XboxSeriesX

Yes, it is possible. Obviously the shape of the Xbox Series X differs from that of the Original Xbox, but look, the finish is similar, the decoration too, and yes, it is “sideways” and with the logo very similar but also rotated.

And it is that lately people seem to have bitten the bug with the Original Xbox, generating an unusual interest in the community, which seems to want to recover the opportunity to enjoy authentic atrocities like the Ninja Gaiden that appeared for the machine (at a graphic level extraordinary), Jade Empire … and why not, the first games of the Halo saga.

Source: Gamerant

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