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Cristiano Ronaldo, a motorcycle and the fear of an accident that could change his destiny: “He was irresponsible and unconscious”

Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo publishes photos on his Instagram account with the high-end cars he owns (Photo: @cristiano)
Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo publishes photos on his Instagram account with the high-end cars he owns (Photo: @cristiano)

It was the year 2000 and Cristiano Ronaldo he was preparing to be one of the legendary figures in world soccer history. I had 15 years and the aberrant personality of a teenager who had not yet made his first team debut.

Leonel Pontes, who was the guardian of CR7 in the quarries of the Lusitanian team, he recalled an unusual anecdote that could have changed the destiny of the international star. In an interview given to the newspaper Express, the person in charge of taking care of the young soccer player commented on an episode that occurred in Madeira and had it to CR7 as the protagonist on board a motorcycle.

It was a summer afternoon when Bridges He offered to drive his little vehicle to the rising star.

Would you like to go out? Do you know how to ride it?– Asked the tutor to the future forward.

Clear! I know I know– Cristiano replied with the arrogance that characterizes him.

Without wearing a helmet, the footballer accelerated without any precautions, but what he did not take into account was that the front wheel was not touching the asphalt.

He made a three-meter horse with the tire in the air and was left with his feet dragging. I put my hands on my head and freaked out. What does?!I wondered immediately when he disappeared around the curve. That moment when he disappeared and arrived was a martyrdom for me. I will never forget how bad I had it. He was irresponsible and unconscious. When he stopped in front of me my heart skipped a beat. And he was all happy, ”Pontes explained about what happened.

Miraculously, there was no accident that could have changed the athlete’s career. Probably the figure of the Juventus with past in Real Madrid he trusted that unknown gift he had of mastering motorcycles.

At present, professional contracts prohibit big figures from carrying out risky activities that could endanger their physical integrity. Maybe because of it, Cristiano Ronaldo does not expose photos in his official account Instagram aboard the motorcycles that he has been so passionate about since his youth.

The scorer of the Old lady he continues in fullness and his talent is one of the most requested of the powers of Europe. In recent days, the former player turned sportscaster Jorge Valdano assured that “since Cristiano Ronaldo left, Real Madrid is missing one goal per game”, And opined that the Merengue “It does not have goal specialists.”

In his usual column that he performs on the show The Transistor, Valdano analyzed the current situation of the club White House and he related it to the absence of the Portuguese star: “Real Madrid has one face for great occasions and another for minor occasions”, Analyzed the former DT; and he also referred to the young Borussia Dortmund forward, the Norwegian Erling Haaland, of whom he thought that “is of a higher category”. “It’s a machine, shows things that are not seen in the world of football. He has enormous power and he is a player that excites me ”. Finally, when speaking of the Belgian Eden Hazard recognized that “He is a crack who has had a year full of misfortunes, but Madrid have to get it back ”.


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