Criticism of DT, 11 footballers who ask to leave and Cristiano Ronaldo under the magnifying glass: tension in the Manchester United dressing room

The English press brought to light the interns within the Manchester United squad (Reuters / Lee Smith)
The English press brought to light the interns within the Manchester United squad (Reuters / Lee Smith)

When the departure of Ole Gunnar Solskjær seemed to have decompressed the situation and some positive results achieved by Ralf Rangnick led to believe in a comeback, the 1-0 defeat at Old Trafford against Wolverhampton uncovered a fierce internal inside the Manchester United dressing room.

As revealed by the British newspaper Mirror, a source close to the campus assures that there are up to 11 footballers who want to leave, since they are disappointed by the present of the team and marginalized by the actions of the English strategist.

The newspaper maintains that the Rangnick landing failed to calm the spirits within a campus that is divided. On the contrary, it accentuated the differences even more, since athletes who were not comfortable with the Norwegian now seriously consider the possibility of changing the air. They consider that DT has “favorites” and does not read well in the preview and during the matches.

“The atmosphere is really bad in the dressing room and it looks like the team is going to have big problems in the future,” pointed out an anonymous source pointing to players as Jesse Lingard, Donny van de Beek, Eric Bailly y Dean Henderson like some of those who are frustrated with the treatment they receive from the technician.

The Sun, for his part, delved into the alleged preferences of the Teutonic strategist with some references of the team, despite not being in the best physical condition. “The players are demoralized. It’s a feeling of ‘déjà vu’ from years gone by. The fans may think that the players are not in a position to put into practice what the coach asks them to do, but that is not the case. Some have simply lost motivation and enthusiasm. Then there is a feeling in a part of the team that there are some who are always called to play, no matter what they do, “said a close friend of the team to the English newspaper.

Cristiano Ronaldo, despite being the team’s top gunner, was also at the center of the scene. Gabriel Agbonlahor, a former striker for Aston Villa and the England team, said that the Portuguese’s attitudes contributed to the rupture within the squad of the Red Devils.

Manchester United comes from losing at home to Wolverhampton (REUTERS / Phil Noble)
Manchester United comes from losing at home to Wolverhampton (REUTERS / Phil Noble)

“His attitude was out of line. If I’m Rashford, Greenwood, and Sancho, I’m afraid to try. Every time they have a shot, he raises his arms to say ‘Why didn’t you pass me?’ The harmony in the dressing room is not correct, the form of Rashford and Greenwood has collapsed since Ronaldo arrived. They cannot express themselves, it is as if they constantly think ‘I have to pass it on to Ronaldo, I have to create opportunities for him’. If I were one of them I would be saying ‘Oh, why did they have to bring him? He is an incredible player who has had an incredible career, but he is not the same player he was, ”said the former footballer.

These words are in the same line as those of Gary Neville, who knew how to be a reference for Manchester United and today is a commentator on Sky Sports. He considered that “there are definitely complaints. They are all against each other. The spirit of a dressing room is really important and I don’t think they are all together at the moment ”.

After 19 presentations (he owes two commitments), Manchester United is in seventh place with 31 units, 22 behind the leader Manchester City and three from West Ham, the last to qualify for a European competition. He is also in the knockout stages of the Champions League, where he will face Atlético Madrid del Cholo Simeone (the idea will be on February 23 at the Wanda Metropolitano, while the return will be on Tuesday, March 15, in Old Trafford). Their next challenge will be this Monday, when they host Aston Villa for their FA Cup debut.


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