Crossout will end its 32-bit version: follow these instructions to play on newer systems


Although Gaijin had stopped supporting these operating systems, players could still run it.


Gaijin has its sights set on the future, and that is why today it announces a big step for Crossout: the title, which is becoming more and more brutal, will completely abandon the systems of 32-bits. Despite the fact that its developers had long since stopped supporting this kind of OS, Crossout was still available in the form of a 32-bit game client, but the next update will also end this possibility.

This is how they announce it on the official website of the game, since they plan to put all their effort into the current technologies: “Technological progress does not stop, and to follow it more successfully, we must take this last step and stop supporting an obsolete architecture,” reads the statement. However, the developers also provide some indications so that all users can move to the 64-bit version, if they have the right system.

Image of Crossout

To change the version, we just have to uncheck the corresponding box in the launcher settings panel, which is labeled “Use 32-bit version”. In the case of having a 32-bit system, it is recommended to use a 64-bit OS. In addition to this, Gaijin assures the community that they will not perceive No change between versions, which will provide the same Crossout experience while working to improve the game on current systems.

And it is that Gaijin intends keep up with technology news with his eyes wide open, something he has shown with the graphic benefits of Crossout on Xbox Series. So while the title ditches an old system, it will continue to go full throttle to give us some of the most memorable vehicles and crashes. You can play Crossout for free to discover a frenetic experience that, with the recent pack of La Granuja still active, continues to expand the possibilities of users.


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