Cruella will hit theaters at the same time and Disney Plus, Disney confirms release date


Disney has published its new release schedule for the next months of this year 2021, and there is news. And when we say news, we refer to some delay that affects, among others, the Black Widow, who will not arrive on the date we expected: in the case of Cruella Its arrival at the movie theaters is not postponed … but it will do so at the same time at Disney Plus, as there will be a simultaneous premiere on the platform, yes, by paying for the Premiere pass.

Cruella’s date is May 28, and we can access it if we have the aforementioned subscription (which involves a surcharge of almost 30 euros on the monthly price). As you already know, the film will introduce us to the rebellious youth of the legendary Cruella de Vil. Played by Emma Stone, we are going to delve into the life of Estrella, aka Cruella, alongside Oscar winner Emma Thompson as the Baroness, director of a prestigious fashion firm that turns Estella into a fledgling designer. The film is set in the context of ’70s London punk-rock, and director Craig Gillespie offers a unique take on this unmistakable villain.

The Cruella’s Twitter account recently offered the first of the upcoming promotional content for the film. And the published poster shows us Cruella in black and white, highlighting Emma Stone as the main protagonist. In addition, the poster offers fans another opportunity to get a glimpse of the character’s punk rock styles, totally obsessed with fashion, before the arrival of the trailer that we already have in hand.

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