Crysis 4 is official: Crytek releases the first teaser-trailer of the return of a much-loved shooter


The German company comes out against the leak and shares a first and concise message from the production.

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From Crytek They did not want to wait long and have just made official through their social media channels the development of Crysis 4. They have done so by sharing a small teaser-trailer with all the essence of the nanosuit for which the action-shooter video game is known, but without providing more details about its launch.

Accompanying the video, you can read the following message: “it’s time to join the journey and be the hero”, At the moment there are no more clues about its news, narrative premise or platforms where the video game could be available, although we hope that the FPS can be enjoyed on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. We will keep reporting.

original news:

lovers of saga Crysis You are in luck: everything seems to indicate that a new installment is coming. It is something that has been talked about for months, but today we are witnessing an official confirmation by it Crytek through his profile on the BiliBili social network, a Chinese platform.

It was announced by the Crytek account on a social networkAt the time of this writing, the publication is still fully active (upgrade: the message has already been deleted), being able to read the confirmation of the existence of Crysis 4: “We confirm the Crysis 4 project, opening a new battlefield. Follow Crytek to be aware of the next updates”, can be read in the translation.

Crytek's message on the Chinese social network BiliBiliCrytek’s message on the Chinese social network BiliBili

The message is accompanied by an official image that shows the title in Chinese and a dark background with a head coming out of the ground. The third part, Crysis 3, was released in 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. They have therefore passed nine years from the last numbered installment, although we do not know what date this fourth would be scheduled for.

In the absence of official confirmation by other means and of knowing if it is a leak, an oversight or a joke in bad taste, this past 2021 Crysis Remastered Trilogy was launched on the market, a collection of the three Crytek games to which we were able to get our hands on it in 3DJuegos. For Jesús Bella, it is a compilation that could be improved, but you can read more about it in his analysis of Crysis Remastered Trilogy.

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