Crysis 4 promises to “live up to the challenge” as Crytek reassures Hunt: Showdown fans


The new shooter from the German studio is still in its early stages of development.

Minutes after the announcement of the new Crysis was leaked, the head of Crytek has dedicated a few words to fans of this spectacular first-person action saga, guaranteeing that Crysis 4 will “live up” to the series.

We want you to know that we will listen to our communityAvni Native“This is something you have been asking for for a long time, so I can finally confirm that yes, there will be a new Crysis!” wrote Avni Yerli. “We are delighted and excited to bring news about it, and we can not wait to offer you more details about what is coming,” he adds without providing any more clues about this expected Crysis 4.

For now we know that the new Crysis is still “in the early stages of development so it’s still going to take a while.” So why talk about the game so soon? “We wanted to share news right now because we’re so excited about the future, and we want you to know that we’ll be listening to our community.”

Crysis 4

Regarding this project, Avni Yerli recalls that the Crysis saga is “incredibly important to a lot of people. It is well loved by people all over the world and many of those who work in the video game industry today work for the original game, so we want to ensure that the next installment in the saga lives up to all of your expectations.”

A Hunt: Showdown still has life left

Now that they have announced a new video game, it is logical to think about the future of Hunt: Showdown, their remarkable action game with asymmetrical multiplayer. And in this sense, Crytek wanted to reassure fans. “We have big plans. [para el juego], both for this year and later”, he limited himself to saying.

Crytek has taken advantage of the moment to report vacancies in the studio, so all those passionate about the Crysis universe who want to work in their future can contact the studio through their job offers.

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