Crystal Dynamics seeks employees for its next Triple A game after Marvel’s Avengers and its uncertain future


Crystal Dynamics, development studio in charge of franchises like Tomb Raider or the latest Marvel’s Avengers, is looking for new employees to develop a new Triple A game.

As we can on the official Crystal Dynamics page, the studio is looking for a new gameplay camera designer, indicating that the chosen one “will join the early stages of development of a new AAA game being built in our Redwood City studio.”

Goodbye to Marvel’s Avengers?

That Crystal Dynamics is starting to work on a new project does not mean that it will abandon the current ones, but it is true that this information not looking good for the already uncertain future of Marvel’s Avengers. The studio is currently working on the ambitious game of heroes, which continues to receive content updates (with ongoing controversies).

In 2013, Crystal Dynamics was commissioned to work on the successful Tomb Raider reboot, followed by her work on Rise of the Tomb Raider two years later. After these works they concentrated on the development of Marvel’s Avengers.

The game of the Avengers has been on the tightrope for months, with a continuous descent of the players in a title whose main idea was to generate a perpetual world of game as a service. The problems with the contents of the endgame, the rewards and the updates that more than help worsen the state of the game are putting its future in question.

Have Crystal Dynamics start hiring new members for an upcoming project may be another new indication of the uncertain future of Marvel’s Avengers. What game is Triple A starting work on now?

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