Cyberpunk 2077 has a Myth Busters easter egg


Do you like the Myths Hunters program? The one in which a couple of scientists test the craziest theories in situ … it turns out that in Cyberpunk 2077 A good number of Easter eggs have been marked, and among them, there is a reference to the program that we mention. It has come to light through Reddit, where user Beerbrewing has shared a series of images, according to Comicbook.

In them we see how they seemed to be trying to verify some of the myths and things have not turned out too well. In what we have been able to read, the version of Adam Savage (called Steven Hurt) in the game does not achieve its objective with the experiment, in fact we see his dead body on the floor in a refrigerator, in addition to a dialogue in which he shows us what they were trying to prove.

You can take a look at it:

I found u/mistersavage (Adam Savage) in-game. His last mythbusting experiment didn’t go so well. from r/cyberpunkgame

And it is that in Cyberpunk there is also a place for humor, despite what we already know that the launch of it in a version for consoles has meant.

By the way, if you play on PC, as you may already know, the title already allows the use of mods again, and despite the security failure that was being suffered by them, CD Projekt has already managed to solve the gap that was had generated and now it is possible to enjoy all the atrocities that the modder community offers, from changing characters to making the title look like a. Borderlands

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