Cyberpunk 2077 users who received a refund still have access to the game


The controversy of Cyberpunk 2077 keeps flitting around the industry. Now with less force, obviously, but with new episodes of a story without precedent to this day. According to a new report, many users have already received their refunds for the game. So far everything is correct.

However, it appears that the vast majority of these users still have access to the game. And this is the case whether the refund was for a physical copy or a digital copy. Keep reading and we will tell you all the details.

The news, echoed by GamesRadar +, comes from a report published by Vice. And according to this, several clients who accepted the refund, have already received the money. But instead, they haven’t had to return the game. However, the report also suggests that CD Projekt did initially confirm that the return was necessary.

But the reality is different. So not only have users who purchased a physical copy not received any messages with directions on how and when to return it, but players who have received a refund in digital format continue to have access to the content.

As you can see in the Vice report, some users have shown to have received the refund transfer by Paypal (which included the corresponding tax). At the same time that he confirmed to continue having his collector’s edition of the game.

And on the digital side, you can also see a player who accepted a refund request for a digital code purchased at Best Buy, which had already received their money back. The result? You still have access to the game on your Xbox account.

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Regardless, CD Projekt Red has commented that they plan to contact the players who completed their refund request form. “during February and March 2021”, so you may still end up revoking access to the game for all those users. The problem is that there is still no clear criterion for a more complex formalism than it seemed at first.