“Dad forgets that I am a baby”: the hilarious video of Cuti Romero with his son that made him a trend

The defender of Argentina starred in a funny moment

Christian Romero He became one of the most commented personalities on social networks this Tuesday, but the staunch defender was far from being in the news due to a football event. Holiday He usually stands out for the rough play that he displays on the field against his rivals and even against his teammates. Tottenhamalthough on this occasion he showed that not even his relatives are safe from the aggressiveness of the defender.

After being a starter in the victory against West Hamthe 24-year-old player took advantage of a free moment to share it under the company of his son, Valentino. Despite his young age, the baby born in December 2021 has already learned to walk because the images recorded by his mother, Karen Cavaller, show him giving different passes to each other. The boy showed that he inherited his qualities because his right leg was the favorite to propel the ball before his father.

However, Christian Romero he couldn’t contain his father profile for many seconds. The video uploaded in Instagram and reposted by the footballer himself, it shows him kicking a distance pass for his creature to control. In the same way, he did not give her time because he threw himself with both legs open forward, simulating the intention of going to sweep an opponent. But that fighting spirit was replaced by a deep affection, a feeling that took over the scene because they both hugged each other. The action did not go unnoticed in her life partner. knight he put himself in the shoes of Valentino and left a message with emoticons that showed his laughter at what happened: “Dad forgets I’m a baby when we play”.

Cuti Romero poses with the world champion medal
Cuti Romero poses with the world champion medal

The sentimental bond between them began in 2018, a crucial year in the football career of the world champion because he emigrated from belgrano al Genoa from Italy. Recently, he recalled his traumatic departure from Pirate: “I spent more than a year and a half without playing. I needed and wanted to go play elsewhere. I remember the words they said to me: “Surely, in three months you will look for work here again.” Leaving was the best thing that happened to me in my career.”.

Two years later, the couple married and in 2021 they announced the pregnancy on social networks. “I want to kiss you, to hug you and fill you with tenderness and love, I can’t wait for you to arrive. An enormous happiness that we could not wait for more. We are going to be parents. The best news of our lives my love Karen Cavaller”, wrote Romero, while he was concentrating to play the America Cup with the Argentine team.

With a title under his arm, his birth caused his debut in society through the same way: “Good morning love Karen Cavaller! Welcome Valentino, we were waiting for you love of our lives”. Back Martínez and Giovani Lo Celso were some of the colleagues who left their congratulatory message in the publication with the new member of their family.

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