DALL-E 2 makes its impressive AI available to everyone: you can now try it for free


DALL-E 2, from OpenAI (an Artificial Intelligence company owned by Elon Musk and other entrepreneurs), has just opened up its awesome capabilities to the world. As its great rivals Midjourney and Stable Diffusion and also DALL-E Mini have already done, DALL-E 2 is no longer exclusive to a few people. Until today, if you wanted to use it you had to register and wait your turn.

DALL-E 2 is still in beta, but its capabilities have been impressive since its release. Based on today’s announcement, users can start using the DALL-E 2 right away. You enter this website and click on Sign Up in the upper right corner.

You need to fill out a form including your email and a password to create an account on the platform. You will have to access your mail to verify the email address and then it will ask you to put the phone, where you will receive a code and then you can start testing this software.

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This is how your credits work

the new accounts receive 50 free credits to use during the first month and then 15 credits each month. Users who need more of these credits to generate images will be able to purchase them.

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Specifically, with DALL-E 2 each credit is used to create an image. The price to buy more is $15 for 115 credits. This AI not only stands out for creating images, but is previously capable of ‘understand’ texts to ‘know’ what we are asking (which it achieves by using the same technology as the GPT-3 text-generating AI).

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DALL-E 2 generates faces and that causes controversy

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It must be remembered that since June, this artificial intelligence is capable of generating original human faces, something that was previously not allowed to prevent the use of deepfakes. Although it is a great advance, this new ability could also become a dangerous weapon double-edged for disinformation.

OpenAI has said that it recognizes the risks and ensures that it has taken measures to combat these negative effects. “Learning from real-world use has allowed us to improve our security systems,” says the company, explaining that has strengthened its filters to prevent sexual contentviolent and otherwise in violation of its policies.

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Although its artificial intelligence now allows photorealistic face sharing, two security measures have also been implemented based on it. On the one hand, the AI ​​will reject uploads from any realistic face. While the ability to generate faces of celebrities and public figures has also been banned.

Previously, DALL-E did not allow to generate faces of political figures, but will now reject any face of someone famous. Although it does allow you to upload your photos and edit them.


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