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Dammunte Sommera Synopsis: A wealthy man decides to eliminate the middle-class man his daughter loves by inviting the man’s household to a palatial home on the pretext of marriage. What he doesn’t know is that the place is haunted by a terrifying ghost.

Dammunte Sommera Review: There are some movies that get away with it, even if they seem disappointing all the time, traveling only on the truth that the post-break parts are entertaining enough to make you overlook the bleakness of the preliminary part of the film. Dammunte Sommeraa is that form of a film. The film strikes at a gradual, slow pace and director Rambhala does everything in his power to make the plot shift.

He provides a prologue that wouldn’t look out of place in a typical horror movie, then cuts to Kumar (Santhanam), a merry middle-class man. We’re made to sit down through one of the boring romantic numbers on the last few occasions. This is compounded by the truth that the lead actress seems horribly out of place, while our hero is hesitant about these scenes.

The undeniable fact that observing is cliché to the core only makes the problems worse. You see Kumar’s lover Kajal (Shanaya) is the daughter of a mortgage broker (Saurabh Shukla, in a position that just works for paycheck), who simply can’t settle for this match. So, with the help of an assassin (Rajendran), he decides to kill Kumar by inviting his entire household to a mansion on a distant hilltop. But what no one realizes is that the place is haunted by a strong spirit. Meanwhile, Kumar believes the ghosts are just a scheme, resulting in hilarious circumstances.

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While the horror scenes promise to scare viewers, Rambhala doesn’t adopt a critical tone, perhaps fearing that a viewer anticipating leisure time would not be dissatisfied. Thankfully, though Deepak Kumar Padhy’s cinematography makes those scenes a bit creepy.

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It is especially in the parts where there is a mix between real and fictional spirits that Dhilluku Dhuddu resembles the form of a movie in which the trailers paint it. There won’t be many spoofs of horror movie cliches, as you’d expect, but the jokes hit their mark, though we wish they were funnier (especially since that’s from the guys behind Lollu Sabha). While Karunas and Anandraj, who will take on a Hulk Hogan-esque look in the earlier scenes, stand by for assistance, Santhanam, who grows more and more confident as a hero with each film, does his comedian of insult and parable-based comedy. . But these scenes really travel in full on the reception Rajendran is set to get in theaters today, and the actor is in glowing type once he does. He’ll do anything for a laugh, from kissing an accomplice on the mouth to even balancing a lighted candle on his bald head! Sometimes all it takes is such folly to get people off with a way to be entertained.

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