Dani Alves clarified the rumors about his arrival in Liga MX

The 46th title in Dani Alves' career was the gold medal at Tokyo 2020 (Photo: Thomas Peter / REUTERS)
The 46th title in Dani Alves’ career was the gold medal at Tokyo 2020 (Photo: Thomas Peter / REUTERS)

After having won the gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Brazilian footballer Dani Alves clarified his future in professional football. When running out of equipment, various sources assured that one of the player’s next destinations It could be one of the most important teams in Liga MX, However, the chances were diluted when the footballer confirmed his decision to withdraw from soccer temporarily.

Through his verified Instagram account, the renowned player published a photograph with a text that clarified his situation. Similarly, toHe thanked the public for the interest in his future in football, but he also hinted that all the objectives that he set for himself as an athlete were already specified and decided to put end to a chapter in his life.

“I come here to inform you that I have chosen not to sign with any club for the rest of the year. I came to Brazil for a dream as a child and the dream came true. Being a champion with the club of the heart is priceless. It’s not about money, it’s about values, it’s about character, it’s about legacy. Hard decisions have to be made but, as always, nothing in my life has been easy. It’s just one more decision, ”the message reads.

Dani Alves (Photo: Instagram/Dani Alves)
Dani Alves (Photo: Instagram/Dani Alves)

The last shirt that Alves could wear in his career was that of the Sao Paulo Football Club (SPFC), in his native country. After three seasons of having played the first division of the Brazilian championship under the command of Hernán Crespo, the player decided to terminate his contract. At that time, speculation about the direction his career could take began to circulate.

His possible presence in Mexican soccer was one of the transcendent that began to gain more strength. Without confirmation of the negotiations to accommodate him in a Liga MX team, the names of Club América, Monterrey, Tigres of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) and even Querétaro began to position themselves as the candidates to integrate the player.

Despite the illusion generated by his likely arrival in national football, the context looked complicated. A player with his salary claims was not so easy to hire in the middle of the pandemic. The last reinforcements of America were very far from the overwhelming figures and the media reflectors, since the slogan within Coapa was to save.

Sao Paulo FC was the last team to see Dani Alves play (Photo: Martin Mejía / REUTERS)
Sao Paulo FC was the last team to see Dani Alves play (Photo: Martin Mejía / REUTERS)

On the other hand, although the economic power of the cadres of the Sultana del Norte has been increasing, the costly reinforcements that both the UANL and the Rayados carried out for the Apertura 2021, they reduced the possibilities of paying the Brazilian’s salary. Querétaro, meanwhile, chose to keep a low profile and faded from the negotiation with the top title winner.

At the same time, other teams in Brazil expressed their interest. Fluminense launched a formal offer for getting his services and offered to pay him between the USD 120 thousand and USD 140 thousand. However, according to information from the newspaper Or Balloon, the intention of the former Barcelona player was to take USD 190 thousand per month, for which he rejected the offer on the last day of registration in the South American country.

At 38 years old, and with a history of 46 collective titles won throughout his career, Dani Alves put an end to a story that was almost compared to that of the most important clubs in the world.


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