Dark Souls 2 teases its annual fan event: a way to revitalize the online and welcome the Elden Ring


‘Return to Drangleic’ aims to breathe new life into the game with invasions and assists at all times.

If you love invasions and external aids in the Souls, it is very likely that you know the fan events’Return to‘. A way of revitalize the online of games with the massive entry of thousands of players who start a new game. In Dark Souls 2, this ‘Return to Drangleic’ usually occurs in February, but the community has decided to advance this event to month of January.

Return to Drangleic will take place between January 16 and 30Therefore, Return to Drangleic will return one more year between January 16 and 30 in Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, since the original delivery will not have such a high traffic of attendees. Here, you can expect a lot of invasions and help from all participating players, although we will also have the opportunity to be part of this event by entering other worlds. In addition, a ‘Fight Club‘online in which we will attend a kind of tournament where the most skilled user wins.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

The gaming community has decided to advance said event with the intention of book the month of February for Elden Ring, because with the new From Software game on the market it is unlikely that users will connect to Dark Souls 2. Therefore, 2022 begins with a fan idea that will not only revitalize the online title, but also will allow us polish our strategies before taking on the open world of Elden Ring.

After all, the Souls community is really looking forward to the February 25 Elden Ring to begin with, and Hidetaka Miyazaki intends to raise these expectations even higher. In this sense, he has already explained that the new adventure will be the culmination of all the experience acquired with the Dark Souls, something that has made it his ideal game.

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