Dataminer finds Switch Pro details in latest firmware, including 4K OLED display


Despite the fact that Nintendo has said actively and passively that there will be no Nintendo Switch Pro, the arrival of a future improved model of Nintendo Switch that can compete with the new generation of consoles seems a movement that will occur at some point, especially if we consider that Nintendo has always been very conducive to launching reviews of its consoles.

However, in this game of rumors and denial, quite credible information has crept in, since it is taken directly from scrutinizing the source code of the latest Switch firmware. As reported by Gamespot, the dataminer known as SciresM has found valuable data on the hypothetical future model, known under the code name Aula.

Why the World Still Needs Nintendo Switch Pro

Aula reportedly uses the same Mariko SoC chip (Tegra X1 +) that was implemented in the Switch Lite and the standard model Switches after their 2019 update. ScriesM states that the chips are likely to go to higher clock speeds. SciresM also claims that the firmware mentions support for a Realtek chip, which has been advertised as a “SoC multimedia 4K UHDMind you, the 4K chip could be located in the dock instead of the console, which would mean that only You can play in 4K when your Switch is connected to the TV and not on a laptop.

Switch Pro will supposedly have a improved display in the form of an OLED panel, a technology already introduced by the first PlayStation Vita and that would replace the current capacitive touch LCD. Finally, there have also been signs of better cooling, as well as more efficient battery consumption.

In other data related to Nintendo’s best-selling console, as Nintendo Life points out, the hybrid would have already exceeded the number of 3DS units sold, with a total of 76.2 million for the 75.9 million of the last pure laptop .

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