Dated the K-Pop chapter of Dead by Daylight


The episode All-Kill K-Pop style of Dead by Daylight arrives in a few hours to all platforms. Developer Behavior Interactive has launched a new cosmetics collection called Seoul Sight to celebrate the occasion.

Earlier this month, Dead by Daylight added the killer / survivor couple to their horror PvP. Centered in the world of K-Pop, the new killer is called Trickster, a killer who is also a K-Pop star who sought fame and ended up resorting to murder.

On the side of the survivors we find Yun-Jin Lee, a music producer who led The Trickster on the road to fame but did not know of his murderous intentions in order to achieve the greatest success in his music agency. Now that Trickster is unleashed, Lee has to defend himself.

Behavior Interactive has worked with K-Pop singer Kevin Woo of the group U-KISS to help set the K-Pop elements including eye-catching for the characters, addictive music, and cultural background but with terrifying flair. In Woo’s words:

“I have no doubt that the K-Pop community is going to fall in love with this chapter as much as I have and I hope that those unfamiliar with K-Pop will immerse themselves in it thanks to the All-Kill chapter.”

The Seoul Sights collection adds a Korean dress style including Yun-Jin, a The Trickster skin, and more for survivors Adam Francis, Feng Ming, Felix Richter, Elodie Rakoto, and Dwight Fairfield.

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