David Daniels, An Opera Singer, And His Husband Both Pleaded Guilty To Sexually Assaulting A Young Man


David Daniels, An Opera Singer, And His Husband Both Pleaded Guilty To Sexually Assaulting A Young Man:

David Daniels, an opera singer, as well as his spouse, Scott Walters, both admitted to sexually assaulting a young man within 2010.

The Houston Chronicle says that Daniels and Walters made a deal right before their trial was scheduled to start within Harris County Court within Houston. The deal will keep the two guys out of jail.

The New York Times says that each of them pleaded guilty to sexual attack of an adult, a second-degree crime. They are going to be upon probation for eight years as well as must be registered as sex offenders.

They won’t be charged with the first-degree crime of severe sexual attack because of this. They are also not allowed to talk to the person who was hurt.

Samuel Schultz Give A Statement Just After Get The Justice:

Samuel Schultz, the person who was hurt, said in a statement, “I am happy that the defendants have admitted the truth of what happened to me by pleading guilty, and that this part of my nightmare ordeal is finally over.”

Schultz met the guys when he was a graduate student at Rice University within Houston, Texas. He was 23 years old at the time. At the time, Daniels, a well-known countertenor, was performing within Xerxes at the Houston Grand Opera.

Schultz stated that after he saw a play, he attended a cast party, before Daniels as well as Walters asked him to their apartment. He said that the two people gave him drugs and raped him in the flat. He said that when he woke up, he had lost awareness as well as was bleeding from his rectum.

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David Daniels Were Ready To Confect Their Crime To The jury:

On Friday, prosecutors as well as lawyers for renowned countertenor David Daniels were ready to tell a jury about the horrible details of a sexual attack that happened in 2010 and involved the singer and his now-husband. But the jury never came into the room.

Instead, the lawyers rushed to and from of the courtroom when it was time for opening comments for an unplanned plea deal.

Daniels Attempted To Plead  Nolo Contendre:

Retired Daniels tried to plead nolo contendre, which means “guilty without admitting guilt.” Judge Reagan Clark laughed at this and gave the offender a choice: plead guilty as well as go to trial.

Schultz, who wants to be an opera singer, stated he didn’t tell anyone about what happened at the time due to he was afraid it could harm his professional life. He first told the public about it in 2018, as well as Daniels as well as Walters were caught the following year.

Up till Friday, the couple said they were innocent and that Schultz and them had sex on their own terms.

Daniels Was Known To Be Among Of The Best Countertenors In The World:

Before he was arrested, Daniels was known to be among of the best countertenors in the world. Countertenors have a high range and sing parts that castrati or mezzo-sopranos used to sing.

David Daniels’s rape trial started in a shocking way upon Friday when he as well as his husband quickly pleaded guilty to two sexual assault charges related to the drugging and raping of a promising artist in 2010.

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The trial of Daniels and her husband, Scott Walters, was set to start in Houston, which is where Samuel Schultz said Daniels and Walters, who were not married at the time, raped them whereas he was asleep.

But, according to the Houston Chronicle, the couple “hurried to get out of the courtroom” just as things were regarding to start and made a deal to stop the trial before it even started.

Daniels And Walters Admitted To The Second Degree Crime:

As part of the deal, Daniels as well as Walters admitted to the second-degree crime of sexual attack on an adult.

That meant they didn’t have to worry about being found guilty of aggravated sexual attack, which is a first-degree crime with heavier punishments, such as a possible life sentence.

The plea deal means that neither of them will go to jail. Instead, they will both spend eight years on probation and have to register as sex offenders for the remainder of their lives.

Within A Statement Schultz Stated That The Rape And What Happened After It Was A Nightmarish Ordeal:

Schultz said in a statement on Friday that the rape and what happened after it was a “nightmarish ordeal.” He said he looked up to Daniels because he was a singer on the rise, and when they met at a bar, he was happy to go home alongside him.

Once he got there, though, he said he received a drink that knocked him out. The next morning, he woke up alone, naked, and bleeding.

In court papers that the Chronicle got a hold of, Schultz said that he only remembered bits and pieces of what happened that night. He remembered watching porn upon TV as well as Daniel raping him.

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Schultz Was A Baritone And A Student At Rice University When These Is Happening With Him:

Schultz was a baritone and a student at Rice University at the time. He was 23 years old. Now that he is 36, he said that he was afraid that coming forward regarding the accusations might have hurt his job as a singer.

Shultz said within a statement to The New York Times upon Friday, “I am glad that the defendants’ guilty pleas show that they know what happened to me and that this part of my nightmare ordeal is finally over.”