David Le Batard, Also Known As Lebo, A Miami Artist, Has Died At Age 50


David Le Batard, Also Known As Lebo, A Miami Artist, Has Died At Age 50:

David Le Batard, who was known as the bright Miami street artist Lebo, died early on Tuesday at the age of 50, his older brother Dan Le Batard, who hosts the famous sports podcast The Dan Le Batard Show alongside Stugotz, said.

About a year ago, his sibling said, he was told he had a disease that he couldn’t talk about. Dan Le Batard said that losing his brother, “my best friend for over 50 years,” was “inconceivable.”

David Le Batard Died Last Night 2 Am Upon Tuesday:

On “The Dan Le Batard Show alongside Stugotz,” Le Batard said, “My little brother, my solely sibling, my most important family member within a very small family, and my closest friend for 50 years died last night at 2:00 a.m.”

“I don’t have much experience with grief, but I’ve been grieving him for a year.  Since he received his diagnosis more than a year ago, he’s been steadily getting worse, and it’s been ruthlessly hard to witness a poison eat him up from within along with one of the biggest spirits I’ve ever seen taken over by illness.”

Dan said that putting a clock on something makes you appreciate the times you have because you don’t know how many you’ll get.

He also said that because it wasn’t quick, he was forced to devote the last year saying all the right things. He was able to show his brother how much he loved him, say goodbye, and tell him how he felt.

Dan said it was a gift and a freedom to be alongside his brother as he was dying and tell him it had been OK to go, that he had been safe, and that he had no reason to be afraid.

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It was also a gift to see him stop hurting and be at peace. Dan said that even though his death was terrible, it also had an incredible appeal that he will always be grateful for.

David Le Batard Is Born Within New York Upon November 19 1972:

David Le Batard was born in New York on November 19, 1972. He relocated to Broward County when he was just 13 years old, but he often went to Miami’s Little Havana to see his Cuban grandparents. He went to school at Hollywood’s Chaminade-Madonna College Preparatory School and at Florida International University.

A 2008 article said that when he was thirteen his family relocated to South Florida to be near his grandparents within Little Havana.

With In 1990 He Won A Broward Silver Knight Award For Art:

He grown up in Hollywood, where he and his grandmother would drink coffee con leche on the weekends. He went to Chaminade-Madonna High School within Hollywood, and in 1990, he won a Broward Silver Knight award for the arts.

David Le Batard was a well-known artist who became famous in his 20s. He was known for his paintings as well as artwork that often had cute cartoon birds in them.

He Called His Art “Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism”:

He was a regular in South Florida and had a style of art that was easy to recognize. He was happy to say that he was an artist, and he called his style “Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism,” which was made up of cartoon images, bright colors, and thick black lines.

Buildings within Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, as well as other places have paintings by him.

In 1998, when he was 25, he went back to his elementary school, St. Bartholomew Catholic School within Miramar, to make a painting of a group of cartoon children dancing in flowers. Kids really liked it.

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His art is in private collections all over the world, and he has worked with names like Lulu Lemon, Harley Davidson, Audi, Google, Microsoft, Red Bull, Ketel One, Bacardi, as well as Ferrari.

One of his most big projects was making a mermaid swim on the bottom of the belly of a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship. When people cross a tiny span upon 41st Street in Miami Beach, they see what might be his most famous painting.

On the side of the quit Roosevelt Theater, a green monk parakeet sits upon a branch above a calm blue ocean and an orange lifeguard stand.

Under a happy cartoon sun, the words “Welcome to Miami Beach” are written in big letters. The artist’s website says that when it was done in 2016, it was the biggest painting that the city of Miami Beach had ever accepted.

At the time, the painting was a little bit controversial because some people said it looked “childlike.” Some people worried that it would slow down traffic because people would slow down to look at it.

How He Got His Nickname “LEBO”?

There was some truth to these worries. Even now, people stop their cars and get out to take pictures of the painting. This is how he got his name as an artist. His pager code name in high school was 0837. If you turn it over, you get “LEBO.”

He went to Florida International University to study art history and got his degree in 1995. He worked at the International Museum of Cartoon Art within Boca Raton for a short time as a show supervisor.

Le Batard often showed people that they were wrong. In an interview years after he won the Silver Knight award, he claimed that his high school wouldn’t give him a copy of the application due to the “didn’t think I was a good candidate.”

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He told the Herald in 2000, “It taught me that power structures should always be questioned, because if you proceed around believing what other individuals believe about you, it could stop you from reaching your full potential.”

“On the other hand, and if somebody believes within you, it might demonstrate to you what you’re really capable of.”

LEBO Also Painted A Seascape On The Norwegian Cruise Line Ship The Getaway At The Port Of Miami:

LEBO painted a seascape on the Norwegian Cruise Line ship The Getaway at the Port of Miami. The design was based on a mermaid and three flying pelicans.

He also worked with Coca-Cola, Vitamin Water, Harley Davidson, Audi, Microsoft, Lulu Lemon, Adidas, American Airlines, Gibson Guitars, Universal Music, Gloria Estefan, Bacardi, as well as The Miami Heat.

Norwegian Cruise Line said in a statement, “Today, we celebrate the existence of our friend as well as artist David “LEBO” Le Batard, who was the hull designer of Norwegian Getaway.

Thank you for bringing your light to the people of Miami and the rest of the world. As the Norwegian Getaway goes around the world, we are proud to share your art and culture history.”

Le Batard Will Draw Sketch For Prohas:

The Herald wrote in 1997 that Le Batard found Prohas. He was retired as well as living in northwest Miami. They started to hang out together, as well as Le Batard would draw for him. The next year, at age 77, Prohas died.

LeBatard said, “Everything I accomplish is because of him.” “I hope that when I’m his age, there will be kids who looked up to me the way I look up to him.”