Day 5 Of Jailer’s Box Office Sales


Day 5 Of Jailer’s Box Office Sales:

Chiranjeevi had a movie that didn’t do well at the box office, but Rajinikanth had a return that was unmatched. Rajinikanth had been going through a hard time because none of his recent movies did well at the box office.

But with “Jailer,” he not just got back on his feet but also set a new record. “Jailer” came out in both Tamil and Telugu forms in the United States. In its first weekend, it made an amazing $4 million.

Ponniyan Selvan Was The Only Movie That Made $4 Million In Its First Weekend:

This is the second Tamil movie, after “Ponniyan Selvan,” to make $4 million in its first weekend. The last movie starring Rajinikanth that made the most money in the opening weekend was Kabali, which made $3.9 million.

The movie was the one that made the most money in Tamil Nadu the fastest. When it came out on August 10, “Jailer” got good reviews from both reviewers and fans. The success of the movie brings people back to the seats.

Ponniyan Selvan Has Made More Money In 5 Days Than The Jailer:

On Monday, which was a day before a holiday, Jailer had amazing evening as well as night shows all over Karnataka. It made close to 4.85 CR from 810 shows.

The total amount made in 5 days is now 36.05 crore. In the Telugu states, the movie made a total of 38.75 crore at the box office within 5 days, with a share of over 22.50 crore.

The movie is doing very well in India, and it is also doing very well in other countries. At the exact same time, trade sources say that the movie made more than 140 million dollars abroad.

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After Two Years, The Famous Actor Rajinikanth Has Come Back In A Big Way:

With his latest film Jailer, the well-known star Rajnikanth is back on the big screen shortly after a two-year break.

The Hindustan Times said that Jailer had already made approximately Rs 6.6 crore and Rs 18.24 crore from advance bookings within the US and India, respectively. It also made Rs 11.7 crore from the Tamil version as well as Rs 1.1 crore from the Telugu version of the movie.


The movie Jailer by Nelson Dilip Kumar is about a jailer named Muthuvel Pandian, who is played by Rajinikanth and is both tough and kind. When he attempts to stop a group of criminals from getting their boss out of jail, he gets into a tough situation.

This action-packed movie has been shown on more than 7,000 screens around the world. According to rumors, the movie has an estimated cost of Rs 200 crore. Here’s how much the stars got:

The Times of India says that Rajinikanth is one of India’s best-paid stars, alongside an estimated net worth of Rs 430 crore. He has been making people happy for over 50 years. GQ says that Rajinikanth received Rs 110 crore for Jailer, his 169th picture.

The makers of the movie Jailer have also set up a special performance by the Malayalam star Mohanlal. GQ says that the 63-year-old actor made Rs 8 crore for his part in the movie with Rajinikanth.

Before The Movie Came Out, Kaavaalaa Was A Huge Hit:

The source said that Tamannaah Bhatia, an actor whose dance song Kaavaalaa was a big hit before the movie came out, wanted Rs 3 crore for the part. A source says that Jackie Shroff as well as Shiva Rajkumar each made about Rs 4 crore from the movie.


Yogi Babu as well as Ramya Krishnan, the other stars in the movie, were paid regarding Rs 1 crore as well as Rs 80 lakh, respectively, for their roles in Jailer. Both of them play important roles in the movie.

The Movie That Sun Pictures Made:

Nelson Dilipkumar wrote and directed “Jailer,” which stars Rajinikanth to be Tiger Muthuvel Pandian. “Jailer” is a popular action comedy.

Vinayakan, Ramya Krishnan, as well as Vasanth Ravi also play important parts in the movie. The movie was made by Sun Pictures, and the music was written by Anirudh Ravichander.