Days Gone has outsold Ghost of Tsushima, and its director is annoyed that it is perceived as a disappointment


Jeff Ross, a former game director and former Bend Studio, has targeted local leadership directly.

During yesterday, we knew that Ghost of Tsushima celebrated the new year with a very outstanding sales figure. Specifically, 8 million copies sold worldwide, which reaffirms him as one of the great PlayStation exclusives. A status that, unfortunately, was never widely attributed to other titles such as Days Gone.

Has sold more than 9 millionRarely has the open-world action game been equated with Sony’s big names in the industry, and that’s something that has greatly annoyed. Jeff Ross, game director and former member of Bend Studio. Ross has echoed the news of Ghost of Tsushima and has mentioned that Days Gone takes more than 9 million copies sold, since he had eight when he left the team and had managed to sell one more on Steam.

It is something, without a doubt, striking, since the commercial success of this game has never been accompanied by a similar reaction at the critical level. And not just talking about the press or players, since Ross himself point to the direction studio location as responsible, as they always made them perceive Days Gone as a “disappointment.”

“By the time I left Sony, Days Gone had been on the market for a year and a half, and sold more than 8 million copies. Since then it has sold even more, and then another million on Steam. The local address of the study always made us feel that it was a big disappointment“He commented in a message posted on his official Twitter account.

Local management made us feel like it was a disappointmentJeff RossRegarding the tweet, the former PlayStation executive Shawn Layden has congratulated Ross on the game, ensuring that he always thought it was an ambitious and impressive title. Ross himself has clarified to a user shortly after Layden was the great defender of the team’s work, and that he has not been responsible for the franchise leaving a future sequel.

Indeed Jeff Ross mentioned a few months ago that he came to propose a days gone sequel to Sony, with plans that included cooperative features and a shared universe based on the first game. However, Bend Studio is on a different path, working on a new open world IP for PlayStation, so the story of Deacon St. John seems to have come to an end.

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