DC: These are the members of the Legion of Evil


A few days ago we told you that there is new “Legion of Doom“, or Legion of Evil in the new League of Justice which will arrive in DC comics this year 2021. The new Justice League brings together Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Falcon Girl, they will feature Hippolyta (Wonder Woman’s mother), Black Adam and Naomi; Next, we tell you who will be the aforementioned Legion of Evil:

  • T. O. Morrow

  • Professor Ivo

  • Despair

  • Amaz-X

  • Cobalt Blue

  • Screech Owl

  • Flood

  • Ultraviolet Flashlight

As we announced, the enemies are going to be powerful, and they also have an almost unusual situation: this is not the old Justice League, with its cohesion. Characters like Flash are no longer around, so it’s up to them to understand each other. It was recently Brian Michael Bendis, writer of Superman in Action Comics, who showed a first image on Instagram, in which he indicated that both he and the Batman and Superman artist David Marquez are preparing a new stage for the Justice League that will arrive in March.

Source: Comicbook

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