Dead Still Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far


Acorn’s macabre historical drama “Dead Still” has one of the most interesting plots ever! The dark and funny mystery dramedy takes place in Europe in the 1880s, which was called the “post-mortem photography” era. During that time, almost no one had a camera. And if they were, they cost a lot of money. The story is about those sad times in the past when people hired photographers to take pictures of their dead family members at memorials. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about season 2 of this strange British show.

Dead Still Season 2

Dead Still is a mystery suspense and crime thriller set in the past. There are 6 parts to the first season of the drama Dead Still. It is an Irish-Canadian drama series that airs on TV. The drama Dead Still was shown for the first time on Acorn TV (an American over-the-top service) on May 18, 2020, and on Citytv on May 15, 2020.

It was made by an Irish company called Deadpan Pictures and a Canadian company called Shaftesbury Films, which makes this drama even more interesting. John Morton wrote the story for the first season of the show Dead Still. And both John Morton and Imogen Murphy came up with the idea for the story. Both Craig David Wallace and Imogen Murphy were in charge of the first season of the show Dead Still. Season 1 of the historical drama show Dead Still is run by Paul Donovan and Christina Jennings.

Dead Still Season 2 Cast

As of right now, the people behind Dead Still season 2 haven’t said who will be in it. But if there is a second season, we can be sure to see some of the cast.

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The following people are expected to be in the series:

  • Michael Smiley as Brock Blennerhasset
  • Aidan O’Hare as Frederick Regan
  • Eileen O’Higgins as Nancy Vickers
  • Kerr Logan as Conall Malloy
  • Jimmy Smallhorne as Cecil Carruthers
  • Mark Rendall as Percy Cummins
  • Martin Donovan as Bushrod Whacker
  • Aoife Duffin as Betty Regan
  • Peter Campion as Henry Vickers
  • Rhys Dunlop as Ronnie Roper
  • Fiona Bell as Abigail Vickers
  • Gemma-Leah Devereux as Hanna Dubby
  • Patrick FitzSymons as William Glendinning
  • Jordanne Jones as Lily Molloy
  • Laura Murray as Eva Lambert / The Ghost Queen
  • Mary Murray as Aline Lambert
  • Lynn Rafferty as Bessie Bulger
  • Shane Lennon as Harry Farrelly
  • Natalia Cooper as Vicenta

Dead Still Season 2 Plot

The story of “Dead Still” is about Brock Blennerhasset, a well-known memorial photographer from Dublin in the 1880s. He makes a living by taking pictures of people who have died. His new assistant, Conall Molloy, is a former gravedigger who is eager to help. Nancy, Brock’s smart niece, is also a member of the team.

Brock was the first person to use a daguerreotype (a technique that captures pictures on an iodine-sensitized silvered plate). But as times change, his career is going in the wrong direction. The price of cameras is going down, and memorial portraits are slowly going out of style. While Brock works through his problems, things take a very bad turn when a string of brutal murders poses a threat Brock’s reputation and career. A serial killer has started a new kind of memorial artwork. He takes pictures of people who are in the process of dying.

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At the same time, detective Frederick Regan pulls the three of them into an inquiry that takes them deep into Dublin’s criminal underworld. In a race against time, the team must track down this killer and stop the widespread sale of stolen photos on the black market at the same time. Brock could lose his job or, even worse, end up like one of the people he studies.

The darkly funny murder mystery series is set in the Victorian era of “post-mortem photography,” when it was common to take pictures of people who had just died. And this strange idea is brought up again in this Acorn TV original drama. The first season of “Dead Still” combines humor, mystery, and drama in a way that isn’t often seen. The killer is found, but the season finishes on a heartbreaking note with many secrets still hidden.

Brock has a lot of deep-seated fears, but the death of Henry really shakes him up. He fires Nancy to protect her, but she is heartbroken and swears to get revenge for Henry’s death. We do hope that they make a comeback to each other in season two. Then there’s the Hellfire Club, which gives us more chances to solve scary mysteries. Another way for the story to go is for Regan and Brock to work together to solve more horrible murders. Well, if there is a second season, the drama could go in a lot of different ways. This section will be changed as we find out more.

Dead Still Season 2 Release Date

The first season of “Dead Still” started on May 18, 2020, and was only shown in the US and Canada on Acorn TV. The first two episodes aired right after each other. After it started, new episodes came out every Monday after that. The last episode of the show will air on June 15, 2020. The length of each episode was 45 minutes.

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The show was billed as a miniseries, but even though season 1 shows who the killer is, there’s still a lot more to find out. Fans also liked the show when it first came out. So, even though it’s a limited series, it has the potential to go on for another season. If Acorn opts to bring the show back with a new season, the second season of “Dead Still” could come out in 2023.

How many episodes could there be in Dead Stili season 2?

There were 6 episodes in the last season of Dead Still. So, if the creators decide to keep things the same, the second season could also have 6 episodes. But there has not yet been an official update.

Where can I watch Dead Still Season 2?

The second season of Dead Still hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it’s hard to say where it will come out. Still, you can watch Dead Still Season 1 on AcornTV, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Vudu.

Is “Dead Still” worth watching?

IMDb gave the TV show Dead Still a 6.9 out of 10 ratings. On Rotten Tomatoes, the show got a score of 89% on the Tomatometer. It has also gotten good reviews from both viewers and critics. So, you should definitely watch it!