Death Stranding Art Director Shares His Favorite Photographs From The Game


There are not so many games that hit the market under a genre that is difficult to pigeonhole. And of course, Death Stranding is one of the strangest and most special games in recent times. In large part, because of the importance of the settings Sam has to wander through. To the point that they become protagonists of the story and the gameplay.

Surely, many of you have had a lot of fun taking screenshots of the game and sharing them with your friends, or through social networks. But … what if it was the game’s art director himself who will show him which are his favorites? Indeed, Yoji Shinkawa has served as a judge and has chosen the best within what the community has offered. The result is simply spectacular.

As reported PC Gamer, the news comes to us from the Steam community. And as indicated in the entry, it is a selection that Yoji Shinkawa has made among more than 1,500 captures that users of the game have shared in its PC version.

Below you can see the image gallery with the 10 photographs chosen by Shinkawa. In addition, they include the comments that he himself has made regarding his choice. Of course, keep in mind that, if you have not played Death Stranding yet, there are a couple of images that could be considered spoilers.

On the other hand, this news also shows once again that the photo mode is increasingly important in video games, in line with the increasingly spectacular worlds that they offer us.

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In addition, it is also a good example of the great success that Hideo Kojima’s game has reaped in compatible. Which is why it was 505 Games itself (editor of that version), who wanted to hire Shinkawa for this little surprise.