Death toll from Corona in Delhi crosses 5000, 3,816 new cases found in 24 hours

Corona Virus in Delhi: Corona virus continues to wreak havoc in Delhi. Like the last few days, more than 35 hundred cases have been reported in 24 hours, while 37 people have died in one day. In Delhi, the death toll from Corona virus has increased to 5,051. Also Read – High court shock to Delhi government, ban on order to keep 80% ICU bed reserve for corona patients in private hospitals

According to the data, more than 59 thousand tests were done in 24 hours, out of which 3,816 people have reported positive. Whereas more than three thousand people are cured in a day. The number of corona virus cases in Delhi has crossed 2.5 lakh. Out of these, more than 2 lakh 16 thousand people have recovered. There are currently over 31 thousand active cases in Delhi. Also Read – Schools Reopen: Schools opened in the middle of fear of Corona, waiting in these states

Please tell that about 20 days ago in Delhi, the effect of corona had reduced somewhat. In Delhi, cases started coming up around one thousand in 24 hours. Delhi and the government were excited by the decreasing cases of corona, but once in a few days, there was a surge in corona cases, which continues till now.