Deathloop will feature some powers taken from Dishonored and some similar murders


During this week’s IGN Fan Fest, development studio Arkane unveiled exciting new details about the mechanics of their next game, Deathloop. The play will bring back some powers seen in the Dishonored franchise in addition to other elements and typical mechanics of the series.

Deathloop director Dinga Bakaba He has explained to us that some powers seen in Dishonored can be used in Deathloop. “As much as we wanted to do something original with the game, we also wanted something familiar to the player”, Explains us.

We decided to bring back some of the powers that we have in the Dishonored series. I think it’s something that will make players feel at home. And we also have some twists and turns. I think it is a good approximation of the main player tools.

Bakaba has not confirmed to us exactly what types of powers we will have, but we have already seen a video where the protagonist of Deathloop, Colt, is able to use a teleportation ability very similar to the one seen in Dishonored. What will be the rest of the skills that we will have back?

The director also tells us that, as in Dishonored, in Deathloop we will find objects that can modify our weapons and physical abilities.

The trinkets are small pieces of metal imbued with the power of the anomaly that is causing this time loop, ”he explains. “By equipping these trinkets, you can change the properties of your weapons. Besides that, you can also use some trinkets to modify yourself, so that you can jump higher, run faster, regenerate some health when you kill someone… things like that.

These powers will have to be used to fulfill the main objective of Deathloop: kill all eight Visionaries on the same day. By doing this you will be able to break the time loop. But the objectives will be distributed over different areas of the island. You will not have time to do it the first time, so you will have to figure out how to do it before the loop starts again.

It seems that there is only one way to kill all targets at once. “To align them there is only one solution, so really the game is a gigantic puzzle that you have to solve and that only has one way to break the time loop.”

While there is a workaround to ensure that all targets are in place, how you can kill them is entirely up to you and, just like in Dishonored, murders can be carried out freely.

About the duration of Deathloop, Bakaba suggests that it will be more or less like the previous games of the study, although it will depend on what each player needs to discover the solutions, in addition to the exploration and experimentation that each one wants to carry out.

Deathloop has a confirmed release date for May 21, 2021. Yesterday we saw a new trailer for the game during Sony’s State of Play.

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