Debate on Love Jihad: Allahabad High Court said – no one can stop two adults from living together, these constitutional rights


Prayagraj: The Allahabad High Court has said important things between the Love Jihad and the ongoing debate about religious conversion. The Allahabad High Court has quashed its own previous judgment in which it had considered the conversion unacceptable ‘just for the purpose of marriage’. The High Court said that it does not necessarily matter whether a conversion is valid or not. The right of two adults to live together cannot be taken away by the state or others. The court said, “Disregarding the choice of a person who is of adult age will not only be hostile to the freedom of choice of an adult, but will also be a threat to the concept of unity in diversity.” Also Read – Uttar Pradesh Cabinet Approves Proposal Of Anti-illegal Conversion Act For Marriage, May Be Jailed for 10 Years

The court said, the right to choose a partner, irrespective of caste, creed or religion, is natural for constitutional right to life and personal liberty. The Allahabad High Court said that the two previous decisions objecting to conversion for the purpose of marriage were not appropriate. Also Read – Kanpur Love Jihad: 11 cases of love jihad in Kanpur, Aryan Malhotra made someone a Rahul; Victims heard tragedy

The decision was given by a two-judge bench on 11 November but made public on Monday. The decision may now pose a legal problem for the Uttar Pradesh government, which is planning a law to regulate the relationship between different religions based on two earlier decisions. Also Read – Debate on Love Jihad, Allahabad HC said “We do not see Priyanka, Salamat like Hindu-Muslim”

A bench of Justices Pankaj Naqvi and Vivek Aggarwal heard the petition of a Muslim man and his wife, who converted to Islam from Hinduism. The petition was filed by the woman’s father to dismiss the police complaint against him.


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