Deck to do a large number of harm with a shotgun in Again 4 Blood


Even though a excellent handful of Again 4 Blood decks center of attention on staying power (reasonably essential on the very best ranges of issue), the one who we carry you on this information has a reasonably other goal: to be a actual beast with the shotgun. Few guns are as tough at shut vary, even supposing it has its drawbacks.

Melee Tank Deck in Back 4 Blood

If a flaw within the shotguns will have to be highlighted, it’s the sluggish reload. Then again, with the deck that is a great deal fastened, and you will need to to modify between guns to finally end up doing an actual harm animation (along with reloading briefly and having bonuses for switching between your two guns). That is the model proposed by way of PNDK & M.

Shotgun Harm Deck in Again 4 Blood

Those are the 15 playing cards you’ll be able to need within the deck:

Shotgun Damage Deck Back 4 Blood

  • Specific exchange: Switching guns inside 0.75 seconds after going low provides an extra 20% harm for five seconds.
  • Tactical reload: saving a weapon recharges, -15% ammo capability.
  • Gallito: + 75% weapon exchange pace, when you are taking harm your purpose is lowered by way of 20% for three seconds.
  • Charger coupler: + 50% reload pace because of no longer with the ability to purpose with the scope.
  • God of ammunition– Secondary guns have limitless ammo however reload 20% slower.
  • Fast elimination: + 50% purpose at the price of no longer with the ability to purpose with the scope.
  • Face your fears: Achieve 3 transient well being issues every time you kill an inflamed inside 2 meters.
  • Armed thug: When the usage of a shotgun, you acquire transient well being for every pellet that hits the objective.

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  • hyper-concentrated: + 50% harm to vulnerable issues at the price of -5% harm resistance.
  • Murderous intuition: + 30% harm to vulnerable issues at the price of no longer with the ability to purpose down the points of interest.
  • Dangerous Technique: + 3 ‘% harm to vulnerable issues at the price of -5% harm resistance.
  • Chopper: Each and every bullet that hits the objective reasons them to take 1% extra harm for three seconds, as much as a most of 15%.
  • Shotgun Ace: + 40% reload pace with the shotgun.
  • A shot achieved: + 10% bullet harm, + 150% bullet penetration at the price of shedding 5 cash with every mutation elimination.
  • Biker helmet: + 15% harm resistance, +10 well being issues and you can’t purpose with the scope.

The deck performs a large number of playing cards that save you aiming, which isn’t any drawback when the usage of shotgun. The reload pace is insane, and it additionally achieves a actually tough reload pace (particularly for eventualities the place you do want to use the shotgun).

Then again, the best is to ALWAYS be switching between guns once you notice that you’ve got few bullets left. The reason being easy: while you exchange guns they’ll reload, and you’ll ALWAYS have bullets within the secondary for the letter God of ammunition.

As you’ll believe, ALWAYS search to have a shotgun as the primary weapon and every other shotgun as a secondary weapon.


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