Deep Rock Galactic, analysis and opinions of the game for PC, PS4, Xbox One and PS5


Space mining with dwarves on a distant planet and aliens who want to hunt you down. This is the proposal for Deep Rock Galactic, a science fiction cooperative shooter that after landing on PC and Xbox finally reaches the PlayStation family of consoles. We tell you everything it offers in our analysis.

Mining work might not be the most motivating for a video game, but there are already a good handful of titles that have shown us otherwise, from Minecraft to games that use it in different ways, such as Terraria or SteamWorld Dig. It is an addictive mechanic that can lead to very attractive game concepts, something that has shown me a science fiction cooperative shooter developed by indie company Ghost Ship Games.

This is Deep Rock Galactic, a curious title that puts us in the shoes of space dwarves in search of resources on other planets. Its premise? Take us to a lot of procedurally generated levels to extract minerals, while we resist the attacks of a lot of alien critters. It seems simple, but the possibility of playing it in the company of up to three players, as well as the opportunity to level up and improve our characters, create a peculiar adventure that can easily take you more than 60 hours.

Replayability is one of the keys to the Danish developer’s game, but so is its concept. Use of the first person, labyrinthine environments, a good handful of gadgets and an austere audiovisual finish but enough to keep you trapped. Those are the keys to a launch available for PC and Xbox consoles, and which also now comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It has its flaws, of course, with little variety of missions and a somewhat corseted gameplay, but its virtues are greater than defects.

A space mining with dwarves and aliens

The playable concept of Deep Rock Galactic is very easy to understandThe playable concept of Deep Rock Galactic is very easy to understand: everything is based on missions that take us to different scenarios that are never the same. The procedural design of the maps allows each game to be different, although with very common objectives: mainly, extract minerals. Sometimes he considers ending a certain number of aliens or, for example, finding some eggs. Of course, there are secondary objectives that enrich the experience (and give us a little more score), but the essence of the game is to explore and use your pick without stopping.

Orientation on the map thus becomes a fundamental game dynamic. For this, we have a mapa 3D that it is necessary to use yes or yes. The reason? That sometimes we will have to open a nonexistent path to get to another room or use the zip line to reach a higher area. This has been precisely one of the aspects that I liked the most, since sometimes you get lost and you have to use some ingenuity to get ahead. Not to mention that we will almost always be in the dark, which forces us to launch flares every two by three to guide us.

Deep Rock Galactic análisis

The feeling of being in caves hundreds of meters underground on a remote planet is something that is very accomplished. The appearance of aliens that from time to time they will come for us (sometimes in fearsome waves). So it’s not always a laid back game. You have your moments of exploration and mining, but also others in which you will have to take out the submachine gun and shoot yourself with everything that moves. In this regard, the gunplay is not the best, but it does not behave badly at all. We have the pistol, a defense shield and we even have an escort robot that will support us when things go wrong.

Regarding this, once our objectives have been met on a certain map, it will be time to retreat and return to base. This way back is frantic, with a countdown, and it is another of the elements that have convinced me the most about the game. Apart from the siege of the enemies, who will come for you, you have to guide yourself on the map against the clock, because the escape pod basically appears where it wants. This generates certain uncertainty that has been the most stimulating for me personally, because it is related to the intention of the game: to make us feel defenseless in an unknown place.

Deep Rock Galactic PS5

It goes without saying that the game improves a lot when you enjoy it online with other users (up to 4 players), although in my case I have preferred to play in solitary most of the time and still have enjoyed it. Clearly, it is a game focused on sharing it. This is supported by the fact that we have different classes, from the gunner (expert in the use of weapons) to the engineer (who can make use of turrets and defensive structures). There is also the explorer in charge of lighting the rooms and the excavator who specializes in opening holes for others to pass through.

In short, the game is made so that each player chooses a class and supports the rest in a progression that I have to say has a lot of crumb. We can upgrade equipment, forge tools and ultimately make our protagonist more and more useful on expeditions. For more details, it is possible to explore a base in which you will have to invest a few minutes before you find out everything you have (which is not little).

Deep Rock Galactic

As not-so-satisfying elements of the adventure, I may have to say that the settings don’t vary much (a consequence of their procedural concept), that the objectives are repeated and that the audiovisual section is not exactly outstanding. Despite the lighting aspect being dealt with rightly, I do miss more detail in the environments, which tend to be quite generic.

For the rest, I have found in Deep Rock Galactic a title very nice to play, which puts you immediately at the controls and offers ideal games for those who do not have too much time and want something direct, addictive and that can be played in company. If you think that you fall within the intentions of the video game and, therefore, you are interested in what it proposes, it is well worth giving it a try.


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