Delhi assembly committee hearing against Facebook, said- Facebook is not fair, there is connivance with political parties


new Delhi: The Peace and Harmony Committee of the Delhi Assembly held a meeting on complaints related to willful neglect of content that has spread hatred against Facebook officials. Three witnesses appeared before the committee and recorded the statement. Committee chairman Raghav Chadha said that during the operation it came to light that some of the top Facebook executives are not deliberately removing the content of hate from their platforms. Also Read – Former Karnataka IPS officer K.K. Annamalai joins BJP

Raghav Chadha said, “The names of some Facebook officials came up before the committee, which mentioned Ankhi Das, Shivnath Thukral and other top officials. And it was said that to get to the bottom of all the allegations that are being made on Facebook, Facebook officials must be summoned to appear before the committee. ” Also Read – BJP claims – 76 thousand Congress workers join the party, Scindia said this

In the action, mainly three witnesses came before the committee, who recorded their statement. The assembly committee said, “The Wall Street Journal featured an article on August 14, which revealed some of these things, that Facebook and especially Facebook’s top executives in our country deliberately spread hate content through its platform Are not removed. When the complaints related to that article came before our committee, the committee took cognizance of it and thought it appropriate that action should be taken on this subject, investigation should be done and after that the committee will arrive at the decision in due course. ” Also Read – Arvind Kejriwal said – If the economy does not improve, people will die of starvation instead of Corona

Among the witnesses who came before the committee were domain experts, who have specially studied themselves on digital content, digital media, social media platforms, cyber freedom, internet freedom and Facebook. He was invited to give suggestions to the committee.

Witnesses told the committee, “It appears that Facebook is not a neutral platform. There is a lot of evidence that shows that the content is not fair Facebook. Facebook gives more importance and visibility to certain types of content and does not give much boost to other types of content. The allegations that have been leveled at Facebook are the basis of allegations that there is an unholy nexus between Facebook and political parties. ” The basis of the charge, which is mainly alleged, was laid before the committee. A particular type of content that favors political objectives is promoted.

Raghav Chadha said, “Facebook has community standards against content that provoke riots, create mutual enmity, and create communal harmony, which is implemented by taking action.” If there is any hate speech, Facebook implements that community standard and removes it from its platform, it is not allowed to remain on Facebook, but today it was also put before the committee how Facebook has given some things But action was taken very soon and some things were not removed even after many complaints. ”

Raghav Chadha said, “It came to the committee that Facebook discriminated against implementing its community standard. It was revealed that Facebook affects free and fair elections, which is the soul of Indian democracy, which we sing around the world. ”


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