Delhi Metro’s new smart card features Auto-Top, eliminates the hassle of queuing


new Delhi: Passengers traveling by Delhi Metro will now be provided with a new type of smart card facility which will come with auto top-up feature. With this, passengers will be able to automatically recharge their smart card at the Automatic Fair Collection Gate of the metro station. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) announced this on Wednesday. With the help of this card, there will no longer be any need to line up for recharge. Also Read – Chetan Chauhan may stand in Ferozeshah Kotla ground, will be discussed in DDCA meeting

Managing Director of DMRC Mangu Singh said, “This initiative is being initiated by DMRC as a commitment to support the digital revolution to promote cashless transactions among passengers traveling by Delhi Metro. Under this new facility, passengers will be provided with a smart card equipped with auto top-up, so that they can now travel without worrying about recharging the card on time. ” Also Read – Strange: Awesome sex racket in Corona, sleepless administration from night parties …

This smart card will be available to customers through the ‘Auto Pay’ app. It will have the facility that whenever the value of the card is reduced by 100 rupees, only then it will automatically be credited 200 rupees at the Automatic Fair Collection entrance gate. Whichever bank account or card the customer will be linked to with this card, this amount will be automatically deducted on the next working day. Also Read – 1.8 crore people lost their jobs due to Covid 19, the report revealed

This feature is being introduced at a time when social distancing and contact less service are being promoted due to Kovid-19.

DMRC has also made it clear that along with the new card, the customers’ earlier cards will also be kept valid, as they have been till now.

To avail the smart card, Android users can download the ‘Auto Pay’ app by visiting Google Play and iPhone users on the Apple Store or register on Auto Pay’s mobile site and register their bank, credit card and You can link UPI account to this. With the help of this card, there will no longer be any need to line up for recharge.


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