Delhi Pollution News: Delhi NCR’s air poisoning, patients with respiratory disease increase

new Delhi: In view of the harmful smog in the national capital, health experts said on Sunday that Delhi-NCR region is seeing an increase in patients with respiratory diseases. Air pollution is an important cause of respiratory diseases, with people experiencing sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, and difficulty breathing, who do not smoke or have a pre-asthmatic condition. Also Read – Health Tips: To tackle problems caused by air pollution, include these superfoods in the diet

According to experts, air pollution also plays an important role in making kovid infection worse. Dr. Praveen Gupta, director and head of neurology at Fortis Hospital, Gurugram, told IANS, “Pollution has been identified as the leading cause of stroke and heart disease, with up to 25 percent of stroke risk factors or heart disease Risk. ” Also Read – Health Tips: Air pollution can be harmful for children, take care in these ways

He said, “Exposure to high levels of air pollution can cause eye irritation, wheezing, cough, breathing problems. Air pollution can also affect the lungs and heart. ” Smog can also cause eye irritation, fatigue, migraine, headache, anxiety and depression. Gupta said, “It can also damage the skin, cause allergic disorders and hair problems.”

He said that in the last weeks OPD has seen a 25 percent increase in patients with respiratory diseases. Dr. Puneet Khanna, HOD of HCMCT Manipal Hospitals in Delhi, said that as winter comes, fog increases due to low temperature and slow wind.

Khanna explained, “Ground-level ozone O3 and PM2.5 play an important role in the formation of smog. Apart from industrial activities and public transport, winter haze, stubble burning and road dust are mainly responsible for haze. ”

The vulnerable group includes newborns and children, pregnant women, the elderly and those already suffering from health problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, angina and cardiovascular diseases. According to Dr. Khanna, even a slight increase in air pollution causes massive congestion in OPD. He said that during the smog period, these people should avoid intense physical activity especially in the morning and evening. They should wear the N95 mask.

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