Demand for monthly allowance of Rs 15,000 to people unemployed due to corona in Rajya Sabha

On Tuesday, the second day of the monsoon session of Parliament, SP member Ram Gopal Yadav in the Rajya Sabha raised the issue of increasing suicides due to mass unemployment of people due to corona virus epidemic and frustration arising in them. Yadav requested the government to give an allowance of Rs 15,000 every month to the people who lost their livelihood due to the lockdown implemented to prevent the spread of corona virus. Also Read – Yogi government is now going to take big action on Azam Khan, order to break “Humsafar Resort”

Raising this issue in the Zero Hour, Yadav said that the livelihood of crores of people was affected due to the lockdown and many families were shattered. In such a situation, the education of the children remained far away, they were forced to sleep hungry. Also Read – After Ram Gopal’s disputed statement, Akhilesh said – Do not question the sacrifice of armed forces

He said that due to this epidemic, mental stress and frustration are increasing among the people. In such a situation, people are moving towards suicide. Giving the example of Noida in this episode, he said that 44 people died due to this disease while 165 people committed suicide there in the last few months. Also Read – Ram Gopal Yadav’s statement on Pulwama attack- ‘Jawans killed for votes, many big people will be trapped on investigation’

Yadav demanded to give 15 thousand rupees every month to the unemployed people, saying that this will give some support to the people and they will be able to survive. He said that every government from west to east is doing this and we should also do so.

Raising the issue related to mental health and suicide, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma also said that the situation has become more serious due to Kovid-19 in India. He said that according to an estimate, every year around eight lakh people commit suicide worldwide and in India the number is around 1.39 lakh.

He said that this means that 15 percent of the total incidents of suicide occur in India. According to the report, in 2019, the number of such cases in India increased by four percent. He said that an incident of suicide occurs in India in three and a half minutes, which is very sad.

Sharma said that according to a report, one in every seven people in India is estimated to be suffering from depression.

He said that due to corona virus epidemic, the problem of depression in school children and students has increased rapidly. He said that this problem is more serious among the children who do not have the facility of online education etc., are not getting mid-day meal and fear and uncertainty prevails in the mind of Kovid.

He requested the government to form a concrete policy in this regard and take appropriate steps.

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