Demi Lovato Reflects On Daddy Issues That Led To Her Dating Older Men


Demi Lovato Reflects On Daddy Issues That Led To Her Dating Older Men:

Monday on “The Howard Stern Show,” the two-time Grammy nominee described her early relationships with elder males as “gross,” admitting that they were motivated through “daddy issues” that she has since resolved.

“I believe I went through a phase where I dated older men and guys,” Lovato recalled. Obviously, I went through an era where I was attached to elder men because of my father issues.

In the interview, the singer did not identify any ex-partners by name. Nonetheless, many interpreted Lovato’s remarks as a reference to “That ’70s Show” actor Wilmer Valderrama, who is 12 years older than she is.

Demi Lovato Appearance On Podcastone Podcast Ladygang:

Tuesday’s episode of the PodcastOne podcast LadyGang features the 31-year-old singer discussing their relationship and other topics.

In an exclusive clip, the pop-punk star discusses the moment she encountered her 32-year-old boyfriend, with whom she has been within a relationship for one year.

The former couple encountered when Lovato was 17 as well as Valderrama was 29, but their relationship did not reportedly begin until she was 18. They separated in 2016 after roughly six years of marriage.

Lovato stated, “When I think back on the past, I think, ‘That’s disgusting'” “I was a young adult. Consequently, I find this disgusting. Between the ages of fifty and sixty, you are healthy. Even at thirty and forty years old, that’s not disgusting.”

Demi Lovato Revealed They Were “Nervous” To Meet The Musician While Recording Their 2022 Album:

“However, I believe that during these developmental years, you should never be with someone so much older than you,” she continued. Simply unhealthy and poisonous.

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The “29” singer-songwriter revealed how “nervous” they were to meet the musician while recording on their Holy Fvck album in 2022.

“I met my boyfriend during a session,” the performer revealed to the presenters Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, as well as Jac Vantaek. “He is a musician, yet he additionally co-writes the music of others.

When he entered the meeting, I literally thought, “Who is this guy?”I texted my companions, “Oh my God, the hottest guy in the world just walked in!” I’m so anxious. I have no idea what to do alongside myself,” they continued, effusive.

Lovato Explained Their Success Formula:

She explained that due to the Canadian recording artist’s professionalism, it took “a couple of months” for them to develop a romantic relationship. “He was so intent on the music,” said Lovato. Therefore, we were companions for some time before revealing our true feelings.

Lovato believes she has moved on from her father issues, citing her current beau, Canadian singer-songwriter Jutes, as evidence. A year and a half ago, the couple encountered throughout a recording session as well as began dating.

“My boyfriend is one year older than me,” she stated, adding that they have already discussed marriage and establishing a family. Together, we are expanding, as well as it feels so wholesome.

Lovato explained their success by stating, “There’s like this magnetic partnership between us, as well as the way that we giggle together is nonstop.

In August, The Couple Previously Celebrated Lovato’s Birthday Together:

If you can discover someone who makes you feel secure, who you’re incredibly attracted to, and with whom you share continual laughter, I believe you’ll have a wonderful relationship.”

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In August, the couple honored Lovato’s birthday together, with Jutes posting a touching Instagram tribute to the “SWINE” singer.

In addition to a slideshow of intimate photographs and videos of the duo, Jutes wrote, “Happy birthday to my closest companion. Clearly, you are the most attractive and accomplished person who has ever done it. And most significantly, you make me weep with laughter because you are so bizarre.”

Creating This Project Has Been Tremendously Enjoyable And Has Allowed Me To Express My Love Of Rock Music In A New Way:

Lovato said in a statement, “With Revamped, I aimed to pay homage to the songs that meant the most to my fans and played a significant role in my career by giving them exciting new life.”

“Creating this endeavor has been tremendously enjoyable and has allowed me to express my love for rock music in a new manner as a result, I feel so much closer to my older music. I can’t wait for more to be revealed!”