Demonetisation ‘ruined’ the economy, Narendra Modi helped some capitalists: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday criticized the central government over demonetization, alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move four years ago was aimed at helping some of his “industrialist friends” and it led to Indian “Ruined” the economy. Gandhi and Congress have been alleging that demonetisation in 2016 was not in the interest of the people and it has adversely affected the economy. The government has repeatedly denied this charge. Also Read – PM Modi will give 614 crore projects to Varanasi, CM Yogi will also be present

In a video released against the ban on demonetisation under the party’s online campaign ‘Speak Up Against Demo Disaster’, Gandhi said that the question is how the economy of Bangladesh ‘got ahead’ of India’s economy, as there was a time when the Indian economy It was one of the highest performing economies in the world. Gandhi said, “The government says that the reason for this is Kovid, but if it is the reason then Kovid is also in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world. The reason is not Kovid, demonetisation and GST are the reason. ” Also Read – The report mentioned the relationship of Dawood Ibrahim with top leaders, BJP leader demanded to make it public

The former Congress president said, “Four years ago, Prime Minister Modi launched an attack on the Indian economy. He had harmed farmers, workers and small shopkeepers. Manmohan Singh ji had said that the economy would suffer two percent, and we saw this. ” Gandhi said that the Prime Minister had said that this is a fight against black money, but it was not so. Also Read – PM Modi enumerated the benefits of demonetisation, said – help in reducing black money

Gandhi alleged, “It was a lie. It was an attack on you. Modi wanted to take your money and give it to his 2-3 industrialist friends. You stood in lines, their industrialists were not friends in that line. You kept your money in banks and Prime Minister Modi gave that money to his friends and gave them a loan waiver of Rs 3,50,000 crore. ”

The Congress leader claimed that Modi implemented “flawed GST” and that small, medium businesses were ruined because “he cleared the way for his three-four bourgeois friends”. Gandhi alleged that now farmers are being targeted through three new agricultural laws which will “eliminate” the farmers. Gandhi alleged that Modi “ruined” India’s pride – its economy. He said, “We have to make India together again.”

Along with the video, Gandhi also tweeted, alleging that demonetisation was deliberately done to help some “capitalist friends”. Later, in another tweet, Gandhi shared a video of some people expressing their views on demonetisation and said, “Modi ji, listen to what people say on the anniversary of demonetisation.” Can be seen to judge the decision.

The Congress is celebrating the fourth anniversary of demonetisation as “Betrayal Day”. It is worth noting that on November 8, 2016, at eight o’clock in the night, Prime Minister Modi announced the closure of 500 and 1000 rupee notes from midnight on the same day, and announced to replace 500 and 2000 rupee notes in their place.

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