Departure Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Storyline, and Everything You Need to Know


A play with suspense is called Departure. The audience has responded enthusiastically to the television series Departure. On IMDb, it earned a score of 7.2/10. Departure is a drama, suspense, thriller, and puzzle television show. To learn all there is to know about Departure’s third season, read the whole article.

High-octane conspiracy drama Departure centers on the Flight 716 enigma. Over the Atlantic Ocean, a passenger aircraft disappears. Vince Shiao and Malcolm MacRury are the creators of the television series Departure. Archie Panjabi, Mark Rendall, and Kris Holden-Ried are its stars.

Departure Season 3

T. J. Scott served as the director. Vince Shaio, Malcolm MacRury, John Krizanc, Ellen Vanstone, and Stephanie Tracey all contributed to its composition. There are a total of six episodes in the first season of the television show Departure, named Vanished, Survivor, Prime Suspect, Sabotage, Grounded, and Final Game.

There are a total of six episodes in the second season of the television show Departure, with the following titles: Runaway, Fugitive, Walk the Line, Wrecking Ball, Don’t Step on Me, and Witness. We anticipate that the third season of the television show Departure will include a total of six chapters. Julie Lacey and Tina Grewal produced it.

Patrick Cassavetti, Carlo Dusi, Scott Garvie, D. Matt Geller, Diane Hendricks, Christina Jennings, Karine Martin, Archie Panjabi, Chris Philip, T. J. Scott, and Ben Silverman served as executive producers for the television series Departure. The Departure television series has episodes that are typically 45 minutes long. Shaftesbury Pictures, Greenpoint Productions, and Corus Entertainment oversaw its production.

Is the Series Departure Based on a True Story?

The inquiry into the causes and facts behind the disappearance of a British passenger airliner over the Atlantic Ocean is part of the fictitious tale, which also features the fictional Transport Safety and Investigative Bureau.

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What is The Storyline Of Departure?

The missing Flight 716, an aircraft carrying people that was traveling over the Atlantic Ocean, is the main plot point of the high-octane conspiracy series “Departure.” Kendra Malley, a talented aviation investigator who just became a widow, is looking into the bizarre occurrence.

Kendra Malley’s former boss and mentor is Christopher Plummer, who won an Oscar for his depiction of Howard Lawson. Archie Panjabi, who won an Emmy for her performance on “The Good Wife,” plays Malley (All The Money In The World). Kendra and her crew are racing against time to locate the missing plane and locate any possible survivors as the whole world waits.

In order to discover the truth about what transpired on Flight 716 and put an end to similar tragedies in the future, they will need to sort through a wide range of suspected offenders and causes, from the pilots’ suicide and terrorist activities to political assassinations and faulty computer systems.

What happened at the end of Season 2 of Departure?

The second season of Departure was well-liked by viewers. The third season of the program is anticipated to get favorable reviews.

Kendra learns about a strange passenger who has eluded the US Marshal’s custody and is on the run. Kendra provides information that aids her FBI colleague in identifying the criminal. Later, as Max and Kendra develop a strategy with the FBI, Kendra looks for links between the victims.

The cast of Departure Season 3

The Departure Season 3 cast is listed below.

  • Archie Panjabi as Kendra Malley
  • Christopher Plummer as Howard Lawson
  • Florence Ordesh as Rose Tate
  • Kris Holden-Ried as Dominic Hayes
  • Peter Mensah as Levi Hall
  • Claire Forlani as Janet Friel
  • Tamara Duarte as Nadia
  • Allan Hawco as Richard Donovan
  • Tyler Fayose as Arthur Delaney
  • Mark Rendall as Theo
  • Chloe Farnworth as Leah Sims
  • Kristian Bruun as Daniel Hoffman
  • Emilio Doorgasingh as Hassan Esmaili
  • Rebecca Liddiard as Madelyn Strong
  • Alexandre Bourgeois as AJ Malley
  • Shazad Latif as Ali Basra
  • Sasha Roiz as Pavel Bartok
  • Evan Buliung as Derek Strong
  • Chantelle Han as Su-Lin Donovan
  • Ryan Pierce as Hugh Keehlar
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What to Expect From Departure Season 3?

With each successive season, the show’s concept changes, and it now often involves catastrophe investigations. During the first season, when flight BGA 716 inexplicably disappeared, Kendra joined the team conducting the investigation and provided assistance.

In season 2, a high-speed train accident on the route leads to her being involved in yet another investigation. Only in Season 3 do political developments and shady plots add to the overall story. Only in the event that Season 3 is extended, which would change team dynamics, may Kendra decide to stay in the United States.

Departure Season 3: Is It Confirmed?

Departure Season 3 is undoubtedly coming. In 2021, Departure was given a third-season order. The third episode of the television show Departure will feature Eric McCormack.

How many episodes will there be in Season 3 of Departure?

If The Nevers showrunner chooses to keep the previous season’s tradition of 6 episodes, the future season may feature 6 or more. Thus, the future season will likely have at least 6 episodes.

Trailer for Departure Season 3

The third season’s trailer shouldn’t be anticipated just yet since the release date hasn’t been made public. See the season-previous trailer in the meantime to refresh your memories.

Review of Departure Season 2

The audience has responded well to Departure Season 2. We anticipate that viewers will respond favorably to the third season of the television series Departure. Kendra Malley is summoned to the United States in season 2 of the television show Departure to look into a high-speed rail accident in rural Michigan. Following thereafter, Kendra learns about a strange passenger who had just escaped the custody of the US Marshal and was on the run.

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After giving information to her FBI colleague, Kendra has a significant advantage in the investigation. Eventually, Max and Kendra come up with a strategy with the FBI while Max and Kendra are on the other side looking for links between the victims. After that, Kendra and Agent Hunter look for evidence of a bigger plot after which Kendra is terrified by an encounter. Kendra believes that there is still one component of the puzzle missing at the conclusion of the case. See what happens after that.

Departure Season 3 Release Date

Departure Season 3’s official release date has not yet been made public.

Where can I watch Departure Season 3?

The first and second seasons of the television series Departure have debuted on Universal TV, Sky Witness, Global, and Peacock.

The OTT service Amazon Prime Video now offers access to the television series Departure. With Amazon Prime Video, you can stream the Departure television series in excellent resolution.

Is Departure Worth Watching?

Before beginning to watch the series, the audience evaluates it depending on how well it has been rated and what reviews it has gotten.

Hence, if you’re interested in watching Squid Game, don’t hesitate and get started since it has earned many good reviews and high ratings on both IMDb and rotten tomatoes.