Derelict Void dates his arrival on Steam


Good news for “fishmongers” who love the Roguelike genre: there is a date for Derelict Void. The game will come to Steam the next March 18th.

The independent developer Stirling Games, which was supported by a Kickstarter campaign, has achieved its goal and will launch its space survival game on compatible via the Valve platform.

It is a roguelike that combines elements of city construction, resource acquisition and administration, in which we are in command of a ship with its crew that will have to obtain resources to stay alive.

They describe it as a game inspired by Frostpunk, and it hit Kickstarter in November. Through 148 supports, it has managed to reach its goal by 112%. In addition, it allows mods, you can take a look at this aspect through its editor’s website.

By detailing its characteristics, according to the developer itself, we can:

  • Explore and loot abandoned ships and rubble to discover the secrets of the void.
  • Take risks to make the right decisions and survive.
  • Manage resources for the survival of the ship and balance everything so that the ship continues to function and we survive.
  • Create our own stories in the world of Derelict Void and share our mods with friends through the servers enabled for this purpose.
  • Use the creation tool where we can all participate and create our own game story.
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