Desperados 3 for Nintendo Switch stalls


It’s been half a year since Desperados 3 came to Xbox One, PS4 y PC, and many are the fans who expected a adaptation to Nintendo Switch sometime. In fact, for months, it has been rumored on the net that it would be imminent, as has happened with other games that had even higher visual requirements. However, in January 2021, it seems that the supposed adaptation is no longer going to take place.

Mimimi Games did a great job, although the CPU requirements would be problematic in order to correctly bring the game to the Nintendo Switch model on the market, although there were many who expected this port to be one of the products launched with the arrival of that supposed Switch Pro that, according to Nintendo, will not even arrive. Therefore, and despite the demand from fans and questions and rumors online, it seems that the western of infiltration and tactics is not going to go through the hybrid, at least for now.

Source: Gamerant

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