Desperate message from Abidal in the midst of the scandal that he stars after the attack on the PSG player


That aggression suffered by the figure of Paris Saint Germain on the night of November 4 Kheira Hamraoui ended up shooting completely unthinkable situations that hit the world of football squarely. The initial arrest of his partner Aminata Diallo, identified as a possible instigator of the attack, had shocked the planet, although she was quickly discarded from the line of hypothesis and the investigation turned towards a marriage scandal that put former defender Éric Abidal at the center of the scene.

During the investigations the Frenchman’s name appeared when the authorities discovered that the mobile phone card used by Hamraoui was in his name And, after this revelation from the Versailles Prosecutor’s Office, the man who was multiple champion in Olympique de Lyon and Barcelona confessed to his wife Hayet Kebir Abidal that he had had a parallel relationship with Hamraoui. Later she asked for a divorce.

After the lawyers’ statement, it was Abidal himself who decided to break the silence with a desperate message: “Hayet Abidal forgive me. Whatever your decision, you will continue to be in my eyes the woman of my life, and especially the mother of our wonderful children. I deserve this humiliation even if it kills me alive. If God wants one day you will forgive me. I love you to the moon and back, “he wrote on his account Instagram

Abidal's wife's lawyers announced that they will file for divorce (Getty)
Abidal’s wife’s lawyers announced that they will file for divorce (Getty)

This message, which he shared and even mentioned in the comments section to Spanish and French media so that they could quickly replicate it, came after a post that Hayet Abidal had made on his profile: “We forgive, until something collapses in you, You no longer feel anything, neither forgiveness nor anger, but only the desire to turn the page and think about something else ”.

“He is in shock even though he is a strong boy. He has shown it many times during his career. But this is different “Eric Abidal’s attorney, Olivier Martin, recently explained at a press conference. “He is in Barcelona, ​​at his home where the media storm also struck,” he added.

When asked about the divorce petition that Hayet would have started to manage, Martin explained: “I don’t have much to say about it, it’s his private life. The truth is that this matter has extremely violent family and personal consequences. And it is truly unfortunate that everyone’s privacy was not respected. Once again, Eric is a stranger to all of this. And if he hadn’t been called Abidal, there wouldn’t be so much fuss “.

The Frenchman Abidal.  EFE / Enric Fontcuberta / Archivo
The Frenchman Abidal. EFE / Enric Fontcuberta / Archivo

This marriage episode took place in the middle of an investigation that shook France and was replicated in all parts of the world. Hamraoui, 31, was hit in the legs with an iron bar by two hooded men on 4 November while driving with her PSG colleague Diallo, who She was detained for 36 hours after being considered the mastermind of the attack. However, she was later released without charge for lack of evidence.

The other hypothesis that emerged for the researchers was that this beating was about a loving revenge from the surroundings of Abidal. “So what’s up? Do we sleep with married men? “, was the question of one of the aggressors while the midfielder was attacking.

Hamrahoui and Abidal agreed in Barcelona, since the player was in the Catalan entity from 2018 to June 2021 and the ex-footballer was a Blaugrana sports director between 2018 and 2020.


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