Destiny 2 fascinates us with a new trailer for The Witch Queen: travel to the Throne World of Savathûn


Bungie will invite us to face the fearsome antagonist of this expansion next February.

The most assiduous players of Destiny 2 have squeezed everything that the space title of BungieBut the studio is keen to pull all its tricks up its sleeve to further expand the gaming experience. These intentions are observed again with The Witch Queen, the next expansion whose latest trailer has transported us directly to the World Throne of Savathûn.

While The Witch Queen will not extend the narrative universe of Destiny 2, there is no doubt that it brings with it many hours of play. Something that we will see with its new missions, varied activities and the main stage in which all the action happens, among other aspects. On this occasion, the trailer shows us the antagonist castle, that although we had already glimpsed its design with conceptual drawings, now it is shown in all its splendor.

Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen

But the expansion will not focus solely on the battle against the Witch Queen, as the Throne World also houses new features such as a six-player matchmaking, a unprecedented raid and even a piece crafting mechanic. Which, together, creates a selection of activities that aims to complete the Season of the lost, still active, in style.

The Witch Queen will be available for Destiny 2 starting next February 22. So far, Bungie has delighted us with a lot of information and a few spectacular trailers, but this news does not come without controversy– The launch of this expansion will remove content from an old DLC, even if players have already paid for it.

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