Destiny 2 players are concerned about Bungie’s plans for PC and console Crossplay


Bungie has left the community members of Destiny 2 concerned after publicly targeting changes to the game ahead of the addition of the full crossover game later this year, possibly indicating that it will merge mouse and keyboard players and those using controllers in matchmaking.

In the latest Bungie blog post, senior community manager dmg04 writes: “This season, we’re going to make some specific changes to the weapon archetypes that need some love, as well as start some cross-play preparations.”.

The main change involves increasing the recoil on certain weapon types for mouse and keyboard players only, bringing the recoil level closer to the same weapons when used with a controller.

While this may seem like a relatively small change, the mention that the move is made with Crossplay in mind has led community members to wonder if it means that Destiny 2 PvP will combine a mixed group of PC and console players. by default, or even as the only option.

Mouse and keyboard gaming is seen as offering an innate advantage (though Destiny 2’s great aiming assist for controller players complicates that theory a bit in this case). Cheating is also generally more prevalent in PC versions of games. Many games that currently have Crossover Play offer controller players the option to play only with other controller players, but Bungie has yet to specify the Destiny 2 approach.

Crossplay is scheduled for later this year, but the details are still somewhat hazy. And gamers are speculating which approach Bungie will take, and even trying to alter the course of the developer. At the time of writing, one of the most popular posts on the popular DestinyTheGame subreddit is titled ‘DO NOT mix console and PC PvP player pool (default)’.

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“These are exactly my thoughts too”, responds 1Soulbrotha, “I was really nervous reading about the rollback changes for PC. If they go the route of everyone grouping in the same queues for PVP, then this next rollback change is just a lazy way to ‘balance’ things.”.

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<p>While many console gamers are concerned about being disadvantaged, PC gamers are also concerned about Bungie’s tradeoffs affecting the game they know.  In another thread, SilverCervy writes: <i>“It just creates a situation where the game has to be simplified for some to make things fairer for others. PC gamers shouldn’t have to deal with game nerfs for the sake of console players.”</i>.</p>

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