Destroy All Humans! 2 could have a remake


THQ and Black Forest Games seem to be targeting a remake of Destroy All Humans! 2 in the latest Destroy All Humans! trailer, which would originally appear in 2020.

The game is 50% off on Steam, and the accompanying trailer reveals a little wink at the end. In it, Crypto-138 (the protagonist of the 2006 game) can be seen interrupting the protagonist Crypto-137.

138 wears an upgraded armor from the sequel and asks if he’s finished yet, talking about who’s in charge of replacing him.

In response, 137 tells him to wait his turn, which has just started. A press release accompanying the trailer echoes the unusual ending, suggesting that there would be an announcement for a remake of the second on the way, just as happened with the first. Of course, it could be just a joke, or maybe a Crypto-138 DLC. Who knows.

The original games are from the PS2 era and had a great reception and a great sense of humor. We hope to continue enjoying it, and more now on the new consoles (and PC, of ​​course).

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