Destruction AllStars details its game modes, currency, and more ahead of launch


Destruction AllStars has received its own State of Play Today, where the game modes, currency, hero abilities, challenges and much more of this exclusive for PlayStation that will come to Plus on February 2 of this year have been detailed. Come on, right away.

The title has been shown along with the games of the Plus program for the month of February, a list among which is.

We show you an 8-minute video in which we see the three types of vehicles. One provides speed, the second agility and has been specifically created to give the greatest possible control. The third are heavy vehicles that can cause much more damage.

These cars are disposable and are designed to constantly jump from one to another to score points and destroy opponents.

When we evade, hit enemies and get improvements, we will charge our vehicle and our character in skill, which will be unique in each of the 16 available.

In this State of Play, Lupita’s set of fire skills has been revealed, and in Shyft’s case it is seen that it is more strategic as we become invisible and disappear from the mini-map.

All heroes will be able to move faster and double jump in hero mode. Inside and outside of it, everyone can run on walls, crawl, knock down walls, and more.

The title will allow players from all over the world to compete in modes that can be played alone, in a team with AI, or with friends and rivals through online multiplayer, and last year we learned about its modes.

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