Destruction AllStars: Developers Know About Voice Chat Problems


Destruction AllStars, the new game of destruction for PlayStation 5, is already among us, but users have discovered that there are some problems. We mean that it activates communication through DualSense by default. Now, the developers claim to be working on a solution.

When we enter the game, the entire room by default accesses voice chat with other players. If we don’t have a microphone or headphones, the remote does that function.

Now, via Reddit, Lucid Games announces that they are working on a solution for vocal communication and that it will arrive as soon as possible. In a post from Lucid’s community manager, he assures that there will be an update with the solution today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, they recommend that players who don’t want access to voice chat to press the PlayStation button, then the square in the chat section. From there it is possible to mute the chat voice when we join the game or create a private room.

We will have to do it every time we join a new game, which is why it is considered a temporary solution.

Destruction AllStars was originally going to be released as a PS5 premiere title, but it was pushed back until this month, and has arrived on PS Plus. The team assures that the delay has been of great help.

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