Devotion, the horror game removed from Steam returns after two years


DevotionRed Candle Games’ horror game that was removed from Steam in February 2019 is now available digitally again.

Red Candle Games has announced it through Twitter, confirming that Devotion, Detention and all their future projects will be available from their own online store to provide a simple shopping channel for players interested in their games.


Devotion was removed from Steam in 2019 when users encountered an in-game meme in which Winnie the Pooh was “messed with” by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Red Candle issued an apology shortly after, saying they weren’t planning on re-launching Devotion anytime soon.

In 2020, Devotion returned to the fore, announcing that the game might be re-released via CD Projekt’s GOG. But shortly after, they retracted because users, still visibly affected by the meme, advised against it.

After more than two years, those who want to try Devotion have the opportunity again. When all the fuss was mounted, in a statement published on Facebook the study assures that all this is because they want to carry out a complete review of the title to make sure that there are no more unwanted materials distributed by it since they found performance problems that they ended with the sudden closure of the game. In fact, they assure that it was not Steam who eliminated it, but that they were the ones who took the initiative in the face of the situation generated.

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